Learn the Language of Your Heart 

Our approach is to deeply do what all of us can do – connect, belong, and thrive with the heart at the center of all life.

Do you yearn for a deeper sense of meaning and purpose – with the heart at the center of your life and purpose? We offer tools, perspectives, and a community of support for heart-centered living. We are a big, open door welcoming anyone who values:

  • A connection with the heart
  • Empathy
  • Authenticity, and 
  • Unconditional love

Our approach is what happens when there’s no conditioning preventing you from being yourself. It’s the most natural thing in the world. It’s simple, easy, and intuitive. We have to unlearn the patterns that prevent us from being ourselves, which is the hardest part. 

We offer coaching and monthly classes to connect you with your senses and feelings and find your own intuitive guidance system. This heart-centered living method continues to help me recover from the deep traumas of narcissistic abuse, as well as the daily challenge of living a rich and full life. Please join me on this journey of loving exploration to wake up to our hearts. 

From our trusted and simple method, learn how to empower your living from your heart. This community is for you if … 

  • You want more in life than you have now.
  • You feel the call to be in your heart but don’t always know how.
  • You want a deeper connection with yourself.

We all deserve to connect, belong, and thrive!

Heart-Centered Revolutions (HCR) is a non-profit dedicated to expanding our capacity to love through accessing the natural intelligence of the heart. We are revolutionizing the practice of empathy in the world through the proliferation of educational programs and services that apply the principles, methods, and tools of the experiential science of Heart-Centered ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis). 

Book launched!

The Immense Power to Be Yourself

by Adam Bulbulia

The new book “Authenticity: The Immense Power to Be Yourself” by Adam Bulbulia unveils a journey of self-discovery and radical living

In his book Authenticity: The Immense Power to Be Yourself, Adam Bulbulia is truly unique in his dedication to authenticity. He brings a combination of loving acceptance along with a fierce firmness to what is of the heart. He tells stories, gives examples, and offers step-by-step practices that show us how one person being authentic has the power to change the world. Being authentic is such a radical act of freedom that it can cause monumental ripple effects. 

Adam Bulbulia believes we were all born with a set of specific instructions that are inscribed in our hearts. These “instructions” allow us to meet the moment with our hearts open and following the truth. Being authentic puts us in a direct relationship with our heart. If you want to be in your heart, simply be honest about what you feel. When we are connected with our feelings, everything we think, say, and do becomes heart-centered. This book carries the vibration of the heart. If you are open to it, Authenticity will help you to foster deeper connection with yourself, cultivate self-confidence, enhance relationships, and live with purpose. 

Drawing from his experiences, personal research, and 20+ year career in the field of coaching and Applied Behavior Analysis, Adam Bulbulia is an expert in studying human behavior and an advocate for authenticity, empathy, and unconditional love. In a world full of lies where manners and social norms prevent the free flow of feeling and life, Bulbulia guides readers toward recognizing and embracing their own unique qualities, passions, and values. Bulbulia says, “It’s my hope that this book will help people connect with their natural, authentic way of being so they can share their profound gifts with the world.”

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Adam Bulbulia is the founder of Heart-Centered Revolutions™ (HCR). A board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA), Adam first discovered he could reach developmentally disabled clients more fully when he brought Empathy into the center of his ABA practice. He continued to build bridges with difficult clients that other ABA practitioners could not reach, and thus Adam’s mission to empower all of humanity through the use of Heart-Centered approaches began.


Adam started the company Bridging Worlds Behavioral Services, a behavioral service that serves individuals and family members of those experiencing developmental disabilities in Sonoma County, California. This pilot company weaves together the science of Heart-Centered approaches with traditional ABA methods. Using empathy in every intervention is the game changer that knits the whole family together. 

 The work of becoming more heart-conscious at the center of client care readily became the center of company culture. Bridging Worlds continues to reflect heart-centered approaches through every facet of the company structure.


Here at Heart-Centered Revolutions (HCR), we are discovering a new kind of behavior science and technology of the heart. Heart-Centered Applied Behavior Analysis can be applied broadly across humanity, serving diverse, at-risk communities as well as individuals who seek to evolve., HCR seeks to spread a heart-centered  way of living in each family, business, and community who desire it. We are in the process of codifying and delivering this consciousness changing technology to the world.


HCR is focused on codifying heart-centered ABA for Bridging Worlds, as well as transferring this core technology into practical templates for parenting, business, and personal growth. We can learn to grow our capacity for empathy, and become more consciously productive. This essential core competency remains underdeveloped in most of us. Its development represents a consciousness revolution that effectively responds to many of humanity’s greatest challenges. We believe it is a cornerstone of what will help make a world that works for everyone.


Heart-centered parenting helps families develop sustained harmony between the parents, parents and children, and between siblings

The Heart-Centered approach to parenting allows families to benefit from developing new habits and paths to recover, maintain and deepen family harmony. 

When parents empathically feel into and understand how to appreciate and serve the field of the whole family, parenting naturally and effortlessly improves. 

When parents learn to more effectively serve and inspire empathy between the whole family, the children relax and feel at ease, and everyone  experiences understanding, acceptance, and support. 

We are creating local sponsored programs to help families who are underserved or find other resources such as family counseling are not working or are unaffordable.


We work with business leadership and staff helping to create a more resilient esprit de corp & team culture more consciously responsive to emergent challenges

The Heart-Centered Operating System (HCOS) allows organizations to measurably benefit from essential new core competencies, beyond traditional EQ (emotional quotient). 

Is your enterprise performing at the top of its game in leadership, quality of culture, creative innovation, and robust collaboration? Are breakdowns quickly resolved? 

Develop HCOS capacities to help address any ‘disconnects.’ These alignment skills can be learned and sustained to deliver measurable impact in every quarter. 

We are working to provide co-sponsored training programs to startups and small businesses in Northern California, and others on limited national basis.

We offer a range of services to help C-Suite and line staff effect stronger empathic field competencies, including collaborative tools, apps, organization training materials, and client customized workflow processes and systems.

HCOS service engagements include monthly and quarterly flat-rate organizational support services which can be scaled to per seat packages.


We provide practical personal growth education, courses, and mobile apps to help individuals experience have and sustain a heart-centered life

Improving our personal ability to consistently experience and exercise more empathy helps us heal our own inner divisions and conflicts.

It develops our ability to be more consciously heartfelt and engaged in our lives. The mind becomes more in tune and intelligently responsive to our true needs and personal growth.

This partly is accomplished through learning the transformative practice of consciously navigating perceptual positions in the empathic field.

It informs not only how to become more heart-centered, but to genuinely express unconditional love and acceptance – whether in relationships or within ourselves – healing trauma, loss, and reducing tendencies toward selfish or unconsciously hurtful behavior.

HCR provides free and sponsored personal growth programs, courses, events, books and resources.


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