A Future that Succeeds

We can feel into the idea that a beautiful future can happen. This is a place where we have found solutions to climate change and adaptations to thrive. We are socially dynamic and harmonious, and we have discovered new ways to be healthier and live longer with great vitality. We experience sensuous, deep spiritual connection within ourselves, with others, and even with those with which we face conflict.

We are inextricably connected with all of life as we know it. But it is not a visionary idealistic utopia. It is not a fever dream of perfection or cryptic new age ascension. It is a future that exists in the bow wave of our present heart’s desires and dreams. It is us, and it is really awaiting our arrival when we will merge with our future selves that somehow already inhabit that future yet to come. 

From There to Here

As we feel into this future, we can discover what it is that led us to getting there. We can backlight the steps that got us there. We can remember things yet to come. And we may discover a common denominator that made all the difference. That little thing that was so simple, yet so elusive. That little thing was just awakening our natural, integrative power to really feel as deeply as is humanly possible.

But to avail ourselves of this great gift and power we all have innately within us, we needed to find the humility and passion to evolve it. We had to source the fortitude to practice it, and face what was in the way of its blossoming.

Responsive Feeling

The act of feeling itself is an act of open beingness and connectedness with whatever there is to feel. Feeling can be fully receptive, where one feels the energy of something or someone, or even an idea outside of what feels like is now nearly part of yourself. It may be that feeling is ultimately always a receptive experience, and that the key is open heartedness.

When we ‘own’ a feeling, whether from within our sense of self or beyond it, it brings us beyond the witness state into a living dialog. We can react to receiving sensations with responsive sensations. We might respond to anger with the feeling associated with forgiveness. We may respond to feeling someone’s fear with courage, caring, and nurturing. We may respond to feeling someone’s hurt with the expression of empathy and love. If we lose ourselves in the intensity of what we are receiving from outside of ourselves we might just join in and amplify that energy—good or bad. 

Feeling What Is as a Bridge to What Can Be

When it comes to the trending future, we must take the lead when and where we can, and not simply succumb to the downtrends. The key to it all is openness and willingness to experience feeling however it presents itself, but do that from a resilient centeredness within our own heart. We must accept the energy for what it is and how it feels, but also possibly respond to its call to action. While it is important to be intimate with feeling rather than distancing ourselves from pain, it is as important to know and feel our feeling heart separate from it. We can both accept the truth of the pain and also our loving response to what we are feeling.

We express our love by both accepting the innate truth any feeling has on offer, and also respond with a call to action to usefully respond. The call to action to feel a future that succeeds surely includes feeling the likelihood of a future that does not, but also feel the future that we want and dream for. It is sometimes paradoxical, but our hearts actually live and thrive in the paradox between all that is disconnected and the great possibilities for connected unity. 

The mind is included and welcomed but not allowed to dominate, control, manipulate, force or conclude meaning before we have felt and experienced what there is to know. The mind can observe whatever the energy of feeling presents, and whatever thoughts arise to accompany and reflect around the feeling-energy.

To feel a future that succeeds means we must allow ourselves to see and feel the truth about what is not working, what is in the way of that future developing. In our capacity to feel the breakdowns can we respond to change the conditions that cause them. Then, we can, through our active response, slowly course-correct towards a dream future that averts a nightmare future or almost as bad, a mediocre future. 

A Productive Balance

The big takeaway here is that in a mind-centered society we are too quick to label, to judge, to categorize, to ascribe, and infer meaning onto what we can feel. The call to action is to simply imbibe the experience of direct feeling in an energetic way. We discover that our capacity for feeling is wider, deeper, and more real and nuanced than our minds and language could ever hope to put in a tidy mental box.

We discover the call to feeling bridges us into an experience of connected unity with our world unlike we ever thought possible. We discover that we can solve nearly impossible problems if we just invite all the capacities of both our mind and heart, in productive balance, to work together. That is the path to not just feel a future that succeeds but to become the productive agencies of its becoming.

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