10 Agreements to Practice Extraordinary Love

Extraordinary love is much easier to practice than you may realize. It stems from enduring self love and is born out of a generous and open heart. Extraordinary love hinges upon choosing to be with a lover who is generous of heart and loves you for who you are. Many partners will try to change you and are lost in judgment and selfishness. These are not the right people with whom to practice extraordinary love. 

You will know you are ready to truly practice extraordinary love as you grow and are capable of being fully heart-centered with yourself and your partner. When you’ve  selected the right person, the two of you (or more if you are in a non-traditional dynamic) can adopt the following ten agreements to ensure your extraordinary love sustains and grows throughout your lives. 

  1. I promise to always work for the best interests of myself, you, and all our relations. When I lose touch with any of these, I will return to them as soon as I can.
  1. One day we will no longer be lovers on this earthly plane due to either growing apart or dying. When that day comes, I promise to always love you, treasure you, appreciate the gifts you have given to me, and preserve the love in our relationship, and let the new form of our love take the shape that serves us the best.
  1. I value our connection over being right or needing to prove any points. I will not defend my ego over our love. If I lose my way, I will always return to this truth.
  1. I always want what is best for you. Even if that’s not being with me.
  1. When you get lost and disconnected from yourself, I will do my best to guide you back to your heart and your truth.
  1. When I get lost and disconnected from myself, please do your best to guide me back to my heart and my truth.
  1. I promise to embody empathy with you. I want to know you through understanding you. I will feel you, listen to you, and see you as best I can. If I’m not doing any of these enough please remind me and I will also remind you.
  1. I practice unconditional love with you. This means I love you with no conditions. However, the relationship has conditions based on respect, admiration, mutual support, and growth together in a way that works for both of us. No matter what you think, feel, say, or do, I will always love you.
  1. I will never intentionally exploit you or use you for my own benefit. If I do so unconsciously, I will stop as soon as you or someone else helps me recognize this.
  1. I believe in your potential and my own. I promise that I will never lose touch with this belief in all that you are, even if the relationship changes.

As you read these agreements, do you feel anything is missing from this list? I believe everyone should ultimately create their very own list  to adopt in their relationship. Since extraordinary relationships are based on doing what feels right for both partners, agreements are unique to that relationship. Your list may contain some or all of the ten agreements listed above. 

The best thing about this extraordinary love is that you and your partner get to practice it for as long as you have a connection together. These practices are at the center of what is needed to sustain enduring extraordinary love. Savor each moment. Treasure the bad times, as well as the good times, as you journey down this extraordinary road together.

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