A Future that Succeeds

We can feel into the idea that a beautiful future can happen. This is a place where we have found solutions to climate change and adaptations to thrive. We are socially dynamic and harmonious, and we have discovered new ways to be healthier and live longer with great vitality. We experience sensuous, deep spiritual connection within ourselves, with others, and even with those with which we face conflict.

We are inextricably connected with all of life as we know it. But it is not a visionary idealistic utopia. It is not a fever dream of perfection or cryptic new age ascension. It is a future that exists in the bow wave of our present heart’s desires and dreams. It is us, and it is really awaiting our arrival when we will merge with our future selves that somehow already inhabit that future yet to come. 

From There to Here

As we feel into this future, we can discover what it is that led us to getting there. We can backlight the steps that got us there. We can remember things yet to come. And we may discover a common denominator that made all the difference. That little thing that was so simple, yet so elusive. That little thing was just awakening our natural, integrative power to really feel as deeply as is humanly possible.

But to avail ourselves of this great gift and power we all have innately within us, we needed to find the humility and passion to evolve it. We had to source the fortitude to practice it, and face what was in the way of its blossoming.

Responsive Feeling

The act of feeling itself is an act of open beingness and connectedness with whatever there is to feel. Feeling can be fully receptive, where one feels the energy of something or someone, or even an idea outside of what feels like is now nearly part of yourself. It may be that feeling is ultimately always a receptive experience, and that the key is open heartedness.

When we ‘own’ a feeling, whether from within our sense of self or beyond it, it brings us beyond the witness state into a living dialog. We can react to receiving sensations with responsive sensations. We might respond to anger with the feeling associated with forgiveness. We may respond to feeling someone’s fear with courage, caring, and nurturing. We may respond to feeling someone’s hurt with the expression of empathy and love. If we lose ourselves in the intensity of what we are receiving from outside of ourselves we might just join in and amplify that energy—good or bad. 

Feeling What Is as a Bridge to What Can Be

When it comes to the trending future, we must take the lead when and where we can, and not simply succumb to the downtrends. The key to it all is openness and willingness to experience feeling however it presents itself, but do that from a resilient centeredness within our own heart. We must accept the energy for what it is and how it feels, but also possibly respond to its call to action. While it is important to be intimate with feeling rather than distancing ourselves from pain, it is as important to know and feel our feeling heart separate from it. We can both accept the truth of the pain and also our loving response to what we are feeling.

We express our love by both accepting the innate truth any feeling has on offer, and also respond with a call to action to usefully respond. The call to action to feel a future that succeeds surely includes feeling the likelihood of a future that does not, but also feel the future that we want and dream for. It is sometimes paradoxical, but our hearts actually live and thrive in the paradox between all that is disconnected and the great possibilities for connected unity. 

The mind is included and welcomed but not allowed to dominate, control, manipulate, force or conclude meaning before we have felt and experienced what there is to know. The mind can observe whatever the energy of feeling presents, and whatever thoughts arise to accompany and reflect around the feeling-energy.

To feel a future that succeeds means we must allow ourselves to see and feel the truth about what is not working, what is in the way of that future developing. In our capacity to feel the breakdowns can we respond to change the conditions that cause them. Then, we can, through our active response, slowly course-correct towards a dream future that averts a nightmare future or almost as bad, a mediocre future. 

A Productive Balance

The big takeaway here is that in a mind-centered society we are too quick to label, to judge, to categorize, to ascribe, and infer meaning onto what we can feel. The call to action is to simply imbibe the experience of direct feeling in an energetic way. We discover that our capacity for feeling is wider, deeper, and more real and nuanced than our minds and language could ever hope to put in a tidy mental box.

We discover the call to feeling bridges us into an experience of connected unity with our world unlike we ever thought possible. We discover that we can solve nearly impossible problems if we just invite all the capacities of both our mind and heart, in productive balance, to work together. That is the path to not just feel a future that succeeds but to become the productive agencies of its becoming.

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The Challenges of Becoming a Sustainable Heart-Centered Civilization

If anything is true, it is that deep down in our heart of hearts we yearn to believe in the dream of evolving human civilization to be more caring and more loving. The reality of our world often seems to stand in cruel contrast. What we feel should be possible is not written in many examples throughout history. 

The need for deep change is a tall order, but hopelessness and inertia seems almost endemic. There is a slim path to a sustainable future, and for that to happen a new kind of humanity may need to evolve—one that is more heart-centered than mind-centered. A new kind of planetary consciousness, a new kind of cooperation, a new baseline of experiential connection needs to spread.

Let the Heart Lead the Way

I long for humanity as a whole to step into a new phenomenon of heartful connectedness that revolutionizes how we experience, appreciate, innovate and find working solutions. So many of the difficult problems and challenges I have faced in my life were not solved by working it through the mind, no matter how hard I tried.

My ability to discover how to fix a show-stopping bug in a software program remained obfuscated until my heart had a chance to intervene. This often occurs during the night in our dream world, in the shower, or in my case, while pulling weeds and watering the garden. The only way some things can be solved is for the mind to relinquish its iron grip. And when it does, answers and elegant solutions are free to emerge intuitively and unexpectedly.

The needed changes in humanity sometimes seem impossible if not improbable. Will it take hitting the rock bottom severity of human and environmental adversity to awaken and discover new ways to change? And what is this change in its deeper essence? What is the new soulful shift that guides us to a beautiful future? How does it effectively express itself into legal, sociological, ethnic, political, and economic mental dimensions of systemic change? How does a heart-centered civilization come alive in a practical way? 

From Disconnection to Unity

In my experience everything starts within the individual and the ability to dream that the impossible is possible. Everything starts with honestly and openly feeling what is going on. It is time for humanity to evolve, more than ever, to usher forth a great balancing between mind and heart, to discover how our way forward critically depends on us becoming more heart-centered in all that we do.

Only through deepening and elevating our ability to feel, have empathy, and experience the non-dual substrate to life, can we grow our capacity for direct knowing outside our more limiting mind-centered sense of self. We have the innate capacity to experience a true connectedness, a singular unity, with all that exists. I have experienced this with loved ones, with animals, and in the presence of nature. I have experienced this not through my thinking mind but through empathically feeling others as being part of my larger sense of self.

If we can invest enough loving attention, mutual caring, responsive action, wise discernment, thoughtful determination, and creative vision, there really is a path forward to becoming a sustainable heart-centered civilization. Yes there will always be setbacks, but with some resilience we can find our way.

Scaling Up Heart-Centered Awareness

We can see things for what they really are through the lens of our open hearts. And in that wider and deeper truth, discover a largely missing natural ethical grounding necessary to emerge for humanity to change its course. We can change course from habitual systemic corruption to coordinated, practical civil action that pierces the false and dismissive narratives in the global conversation.

We can scale up a revolution of becoming a heart-centered world that works for everyone. But how do we scale up in the face of so much vested interest in might-equals-right and predatory practices? Evolving a caring, loving planetary consciousness is no small thing, but it starts with small things—in each person, each soul, and each heart. 

Our greatest truth conferring system that can provide us balanced awareness and perspective for all challenges—is our hearts. It is our ability to feel not only what we ourselves feel, but what others feel, and to directly feel what is going in the entire energy field of our immediate and extended environment. Science only barely recognizes this to be possible, if at all. Science still largely denies the existence of the soul, the capacity for feeling subtle energy fields, and the idea there is a non-dual baseline that unifies all things.

But we are running out of time, and cannot wait for scientific materialism to catch up. There are simply too many tipping points near the threshold of crashing. Scientifically agreed or not, only when we grow our ability to sense and feel from our hearts can we ever really tell fact from fiction and know the true bigger picture by feeling what the big picture is. 

A True Partnership Between Mind and Heart

The heart is not interested in control, it is interested in connection. The heart is not interested in toppling or shunning science or technology, just guiding it towards more beneficial ends. The heart is our best natural navigator, our best intuitive assessor, our best authentic truth teller. The mind beautifully discriminates, understands, analyzes, synthesizes, and comprehends but it does not itself have the capacity to directly experience. It is in simplistic tech terms a comparator, not a sensor. It can understand the idea of the non-dual field, but it cannot directly know it.

The heart can sense the energy of love and division, of vitality and alienation, of pleasure and pain, of caring and abandonment, of reality and fiction – it can know through direct experience.

We are at the precipice of a massive moment in the punctuated evolution of human consciousness. It is only a painful and tenuous emergence because we are facing such frightening present and potential disasters. If successful, this evolutionary leap, and revolution of the capacity of our heart, can rapidly transform our civilization.

We can naturally and sensitively move away from the presumption of unlimited material growth,  alienated relationship with the Earth, and conspicuous consumption. We can make changes to responsibly thrive within Earth’s carrying capacity. If we do this, as the fires under our feet are urging us to do, we can create and scale up powerful momentum to coordinate and implement a sustainable Civilization 2.0—a truly heart-centered civilization.

Heart-Centered Revolutions was created to lead humanity into an age of empathy and unconditional love. You’re invited to participate in the revolution through joining our mailing list for the newsletter  and enrolling in events or courses.

The best way to join this revolution, though, is to practice opening your heart with empathy and truly coming from unconditional love for yourself and everyone around you. For more on how to bring heart-centered principles into your everyday life, we have a collection of books to help guide you. You can also continue your exploration of heart-centered principles by reading the articles on our blog. We offer business consulting and personal and parenting coaching, as well as workshops and courses

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How Heart-Centeredness Can Solve Problems the Mind Cannot

Heart-centered consciousness offers a different way of approaching life. Heart-centered consciousness gives us new access to feeling and thinking. What does this mean and how do we apply it? For myself, even as sensitive and feeling oriented as I was, this turned out to be quite a challenge! The issue was my high IQ mind—it could get in the way even more than it could find the way to solve many problems and challenges I faced—in work, at home, in nature, or in relationships.

The heart can experience and know energy in ways the mind can never encapsulate. The mind is threatened by the intensity of direct, intense feeling—it is as if it considers feeling somehow destructive and to be avoided when possible. I sense there is a grand mystery to the mind about what being “heart-centered” really is. That which the mind cannot readily compute is often dismissed as irrelevant or something to avoid at all costs. My own truth is that the mind simply cannot experience it, only interpret and process it. 

The Limitations of Mind in Experience

I discovered my prior beliefs and conclusions about the world, my well-honed thinking habits, were actually reducing and editing my experience before I even fully receive it. My mind was quick to judge and conclude what was going on out of habit. I was always first in my mind, and being in my heart was not my center of gravity when facing problems and challenges. But I found I could only fully experience and feel when I suspended my internal analytical mind long enough to receive all the incoming signals. So I started concertedly worked on stopping my mind’s dominant position in my awareness, suspending the thinking and internal dialog for long enough to fully take in what I was sensing and feeling. 

The mind is a wonderful instrument, but it can get in the way. Out of mental habits, we often try to manage and control our experience of feeling. But unless we can suspend our language thinking habits just enough, we tend to rob ourselves of the richness of direct experience. I underwent a journey of finding different ways to temporarily stop the insistence and persistence of interpreting so I could simply receive the raw experience.

Meditation, exercise, music, dancing, drawing, imaginative sensory reverie, sustained absorption of the physical senses, even repeating mantras all helped. The goal was to be able to sustain a state of heightened awake experience for over 60 seconds without entertaining a single internal verbal thought. It was much harder than I first imagined.

The Undiscovered Country

But eventually, that training led to something absolutely remarkable—I could now feel and sense in ways I could never before do or sustain. I could experience more deeply, more continuously, and invest my conscious awareness into the objects of my experiences—almost fusing with them as if they were indistinguishable from myself. And then afterward allowing the mind to get in a word edgewise felt less and less urgent or insistent. It became a choice, not a compulsion. I began to identify my sense of self as not inside my mind, but in my capacity for feeling, specifically feeling a sense of acceptance and oneness with what I was experiencing.

Direct experience of feelings was and can still be challenging to sustain and not mentally react. Feelings can be intense and difficult to manage. The mind has developed management strategies to avoid and tamp down the direct intensity or direct experience of emotion.

Feeling emotions of anger could lead to managing it with blame. Rage converted to guilt. Pain packaged as a mood of suffering. Loss or sorrow converted into thinking I had impossible problems. Fear avoided by indulging in mental anxiety. Terror controlled and diminished as panic. Dread was sublimated into worry. The feeling of aversion was packaged into doubt. Feeling emptiness gets mentally converted to the conclusion of being alone, which in turn invited a sense of loneliness. Feelings of despair or anguish can be mentally managed as a sense of desperation or recognized as crises.

For each and every feeling the mind had a strategy for interpretation, diminishment and control.

How the Mind Controls and Deals with Feeling and Emotion

I realized we all use mental management strategies for managing and controlling feeling. Feeling is scary to the mind. The mind inserts itself to manage and suppress feeling, to avoid really feeling energy, to avoid feeling out of control. These mental moods create a comfortable separation and distance for my mind from the intensity or validity of the feelings. And they become habitual. They become normalized.

My mind used these attitudes as ways to guard against the depth and intensity of experience that was afoot. I started experiencing mental moods that too quickly worked to label and interpret feeling and emotion. I began to see these mental moods were comparatively synthetic emotions that distanced from the experience of the real authentic feelings and emotion. Feeling itself, to the mind, was considered out of control, unnecessary, irrational, even foolish and distracting.

Since it seems the mind cannot deal with feeling directly, the mind has found creative ways to deal with feeling, to diminish it, turning it into something more mentally manageable—a kind of divide and conquer strategy. It is a way to stuff one’s emotions and feelings, a way to avoid them. The mind merely rain checks too much feeling, and with irritation resumes control.

I truly sense now that mental habit patterns for managing feelings reveal one thing—that the mind is out of its depth. The mind will often conclude that suppressing, dismissing, ignoring, or even denying the validity of feeling is the only sensible approach to dealing with unruly feelings and emotions. Begone you pesky, disorderly, irrational, unfathomable and all-consuming feelings, begone! Get out of my way!

A Balanced Partnership of Thinking and Feeling

One practical insight here is that the mind fails to be able to work well with the unknown and off the map phenomena. The mind is more a map maker, and less of an open-hearted adventurer. If we can move our sense of self to be centered in our heart, we see problems in a whole new way. Living in the question requires humility, and a willingness to suspend judgment.

Many problems cannot be solved from within the scope of mental capacity alone, or from the level in which they are defined. We need to experience the field of the problem in a new way, more directly, without filters, and without premature mental overlays. A mind that avoids direct experience is like a computer that only takes in very limited data—and it can conclude a great many problems are simply impossible to solve.

Our capacity for direct experience exists beyond the mind—and our way to access that field is through the heart. Our modern world’s over-emphasis of the mind has resulted in growing blindness—we are increasingly blind to realities that exist. Personal, social, political, economic, and environmental imbalances and breakdowns are the eventual consequence of living systems that are incapable of feeling, empathy, and connectedness.

The capacity for feeling and empathy gives us access to a tremendous range of engaged knowing that reveals factors in difficult problems that the mind tends to take shortcuts on. When the mind partners with the full sensory range of a full and free empathic heart, our ability to predict, preempt, or resolve challenges becomes more likely, recover vitality and health, and miraculously balance and heal.

Natural Wisdom Can Be Spontaneous

Being centered in our hearts as our starting point for all we experience, we end up knowing much more that is really there to know, to its essence, and our wondrous ability to solve problems then responds to a deeper, non-verbal comprehension that penetrates to the essence of what is not working.

Our capacity to directly feel connection goes beyond language and the five common senses, and allows us to sense consequences far sooner than the mind. The heart can sense what no linear computation system or mental model can ever logically derive. The heart can receive meaningful connecting signals from a distant horizon line.

All we need to do is stop placing the mind’s eye on the top of the pyramid of life. It can stay there if it wants though. Simply place one’s sense of self as being the all-sensing heart at the center. The mind can be more authentically informed by the heart and respond more ably to solve problems we face. 

The heart provides what the mind can only barely imagine – to naturally and spontaneously experience energies that guide and inform our ethical grounding, intuitive conscientiousness, and personal responsibility. With the unconditional empathic ability of our heart, we can truly feel, accept, and unify with all we experience. We can discover that learning to love, to feel, and feeling enough to love unconditionally, becomes the royal road to problem solving.

Heart-Centered Revolutions was created to lead humanity into an age of empathy and unconditional love. You’re invited to participate in the revolution through joining our mailing list for the newsletter  and enrolling in events or courses.

The best way to join this revolution, though, is to practice opening your heart with empathy and truly coming from unconditional love for yourself and everyone around you. For more on how to bring heart-centered principles into your everyday life, we have a collection of books to help guide you. You can also continue your exploration of heart-centered principles by reading the articles on our blog. We offer business consulting and personal and parenting coaching, as well as workshops and courses

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The Science of the Empathic Field

All my adult life I have been passionately seeking a union between the two worlds of the mind and of the heart. In practice I am a technologist, engineer, and scientist, along with being an ardent seeker of mystical, spiritual experience. As a wild craft techno-mystic, the one deep truth that continues to knit together all that I know of existence is one thing – the evolution of love. 

In my lifelong quest, the intimate interconnections between heart and mind continue to hold the most meaning for me. Along the many winding tracks and trails, I have been deeply touched by holistic minded and brilliant individuals, and had the uncommon fortune to personally know many of these brave pioneers. Let me take you on a journey through some of these adventures and encounters.

Truth is Interdisciplinary, maybe trans-discliplinary

A true science is interdisciplinary: it must knit together the very fabric of reality into a cohesive whole. Such integration can’t happen between different specializations without some degree of mutual understanding, appreciation, and respect. Empathy between experts is crucial if they actually seek collaboration. Exercising openness and empathy is the engine to build common ground and disarm the turf battle between the objective and subjective.

The science of empathy is an experiential wisdom that unifies the knowledge of the mind with the truth of the heart. The field of empathy has been studied widely, and contains substantial contributions from a wide range of disciplines, including the classical sciences and humanities.

Empathy shares experiences, needs, and desires to discover a shared frame of reference. This exercise creates a bridge of understanding between two or more individuals. Through an interplay of neuro-cognitive mirroring, we are able to perceive the emotion of others, resonate with them, and connect with them in a way that allows us to experience from their perspective. 

Empathy can allow us to appreciate how others feel, be more compassionate toward them, and distinguish between emotions that are ours from those of others. Emotional empathy is often difficult to achieve when two or more individuals have distinctly different life experiences and conditioning, be it racial, ethnic, religious, or physical cultural habits (Helen Reiss). Conscious and unconscious biases can be massive barriers to experiencing empathy. Not only is empathy difficult to practice due to cultural conditioning and disparate upbringings, but actually opposes standard professional models and training. Studies show how empathy declines during medical training as to-be doctors begin to depersonalize their patients as a means to defend themselves against emotional burnout. 

If we admit that empathy is a vital human capacity, we might be motivated to become an empathic based society at the large scale. Investing in practicing empathy can allow us to spontaneously and naturally experience compassion and caring for others in the world around us, deepen our sense of belonging, our bonds, and a felt experience of sustained connectedness. In doing so, we will quickly discover how imperative it is to learn empathy for ourselves if we are to stay emotionally balanced while having empathy for others. We might even begin to distinguish the two nicknaming empathy for ourselves “impathy” (Stefanie Neubrand).   

Living Within a Physical Empathic Universe

As we practice empathy, we will begin to experience something beyond our immediate senses and emotions. We experience the truth of the empathic field. 

The empathic field includes, and likely extends beyond, our parasympathetic vagus nerve system. Our bodies might be resonators and transceivers of the larger empathic field that exists between us all. To many in mainstream science, such experimental evidence is deemed impossible.

Gregory Bateson, an anthropologist, early cyberneticist, and one of my college advisors, touted “mind as nature” to study “the pattern that connects,” as he developed whole systems cybernetics. I believe this understanding is now evolving further as “heart as nature” and “the experiential connectome.”  

Many of these phenomena occur within the field medium of classical physics, including electromagnetism in water memory and sound (Masaru Emoto, Nobel Laureate Dr. Luc Montagnier). Dr. Emoto and others have repeatedly verified that emotion can be imprinted into pure water and it will affect both how the water crystallizes and how well it works in biological organisms.  

In one of my early tech ventures into creating music software, I collaborated with the enthusiastic Dr. Manfred Clynes. He had confirmed that different emotions can be encoded as subtle amplitude rhythms within music called Sentic cycles which he called Time-Forms. Listening to a piece of music from someone immersed in different emotions completely changed the experience of the music. The exact same Sentic waveform expressing love, or other specific emotions, for example, was found across all music performances.

Researchers have been surprised to discover that not only humans and animals can sense and react to different emotions, but even plants and cells can be affected by emotional expression (Cleve Backster, Christopher Bird). I have chatted with Christopher Bird, author of The Secret Life of Plants, regarding the incredible way plants not only register but immediately react to different human emotions. The wellbeing of the plants’ human guardians impacted their health whether or not the humans were present in the environment or remote. Could this phenomena point to a greater significance than some electromagnetic phenomena beyond our current level of understanding (Occam’s Razor)?  

Many of these researchers, inventors, and practitioners have repeatedly verified new phenomena which reinforce the idea there is a manifold of fields connecting us. Although many of these individuals were and are still labeled as purveyors of pseudoscience, the bottom line is something very remarkable is afoot. As Carl Sagan said, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” The evidence is still mounting! One day mainstream science will begin recognizing what was once ridiculed and dismissed.  

The Quantum Empathic Field

The development of quantum physics and quantum theory help explain the existence of the field and how it manifests in our world. It suggests that the unifying field may even be nonlocal and outside relativistic frames. There may well be latent quantum entanglement between everything that exists. 

Very odd experimental results in the 20th century have given way to many efforts to create quantum technology that defies classical physics’s explanation of general relativity. In the past 20 years, everything points to an interconnecting field that exists beyond the electromagnetic spectrum.

Some respected physicists are suggesting that time itself emerges as a side effect of quantum entanglement, and some experimental results support the idea. Quantum entanglement can be understood in light. Two distantly separated photons of light are linked or ‘entangled’ together as if one. A change in one is mirrored in the other, and occurs faster than the speed of light. Some call this field medium the “non-local field.”

The famous physicist David Bohm elucidated ideas about  how the non-locality of the field is simply a manifestation of the ultimate unity that underlies all of what we experience as separate physical things. Everything is connected, all points in space become equal to all other points in space, and it becomes meaningless to speak of anything as being separate from anything else. In this sense, deep connection may be more the rule than the exception, despite what our outer senses so often relay to us. 

Another esteemed physicist, Hugh Everett, in his PhD thesis, theorized all that exists is embraced within a singular all-encompassing wave function. John Archibald Wheeler, another famous physicist of the 20th century, suggested that, in an analogous manner, consciousness may play some role in bringing the universe into existence – that reality is created by observers in the universe. 

On deeper reflection, it seems as if the existence of a universal empathic field is something built into the quantum nature of the universe. In essence we are all latently connected to each other. We discover this connection can be evoked by awareness, where we can learn to intimately feel and sense it, and each other. 

This all begins to speak of the borderlands between the material and the immaterial, bridging the physical and spiritual domains into a deeply connected continuum. Even though we may be physically separated from one another, we share the same existence, and that existence is unified, unmediated, immediate, quantum entangled, and possibly we all exist together within a great singularity.

Many data points are emerging in science and technology which strongly suggest the existence of the empathic field as a fundamental characteristic of the universe itself. The science and art of empathy and compassion, non-dualistic awareness, transpersonal experience, near-death experience (NDE’s), remote viewing, the non-local field, quantum theory, consciousness, shamanic experience, and extrasensory perception (ESP), are all exploring the depths of what we call heart-centered experiential awareness. 

A Practical Art and Evolving Science of Empathic Unity

We are discovering we are not passive participants, but active contributors. We co-create the field, contribute to the field, live within the field, receive signals from the field, and are embraced by the field. It is, in a sense, our ever-present cosmic mother holding us within her embrace for all time.

What we call “heart-centered” may actually be a universal truth of physical and spiritual existence and evolution. Sustainability, resilience, personal growth, love, connectedness, and social well-being are our sources of happiness, healing, and prosperity in our lives. They are all supported, if not deeply enabled, by the existence of a universal empathic field. Science is now increasingly confirming this radical idea to be true.  

We haven’t yet discovered the equations and experiments which will prove it to be a fundamental force of nature, but we may. More likely, it is the quantum wave function field of latent connectedness that contains within itself all the expressible four fundamental forces our modern physics has discovered. Some influential physicists agree. 

Despite all our efforts to scientifically understand, map, and detail the nature of empathy, and related technical attributes and influence it appears to have, the deeper reality is only known and appreciated experientially. It is beyond the mind. This experience can easily defy description and analysis, and almost be ineffable yet felt. 

I am grateful and humbled by the fact that the nonverbal sensing, feeling, presence, energetics, connection, caring and love that empathy speaks to remains the true territory to discover. The idea of the “field” is a felt sense of inclusive awareness and connectedness between everything contained within it. Our natural growth and convergence toward love and embracing all that is in felt connection and oneness could be the singular truth of what empathic heart seeks to usher within ourselves, between us, and with the cosmos. 

Join the Revolution

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