The Bridging Worlds Experience: A Truly Revolutionary Work Culture 

Imagine a company that works for the best interests of all its employees while also serving the best interests of all their clients. So many companies say they do this. At Bridging Worlds Behavioral Services we’ve actually created a company culture in service to the evolution of each individual’s greatest potential. Primarily, we use empathy to support each person’s highest potential and discover how we can best support them. 

Supporting an employee’s growth must be a mutual agreement where both parties have said “yes” to a path of healing and transformation. Just like a seed sprouting into a flower or a grain of sand transforming into a pearl, there are challenging and uncomfortable points in this journey. At Bridging Worlds we choose to get out of our comfort zones and lean into the edges of our own individual growth. A large part of our process is honoring the truth of who and where we authentically are. With loving acceptance, we grow and evolve ourselves which in turn inspires our clients and families to pursue their own limitless potential.

The path to leadership is one that calls for a learner’s mindset, an open heart, daily practice, and experience. We believe we are all natural born leaders in our own way, as is stated in one of our company values, Leaders Take Responsibility: We work for the good of the whole for our clients, families, and company.

At Bridging Worlds we take into consideration how much or how little experience a person has in leadership as well as how capable the person is at practicing empathy and living from an open heart. 

We Welcome Whole Human Beings

When you bring all that you are to work, you bring your whole human being. We welcome your issues as well as your gifts. After all, our issues and conflicts are healthy ways the universe presents opportunities to grow and evolve in knowing who we are. We are meant to bring our whole being wherever we go. That’s the way work is truly meant to be: a balanced integration of our whole being instead of a compartmentalized version of our self. 

We Place the Heart at the Center of Everything

We practice using our hearts and minds when making decisions and choosing how to respond to someone or something. We feel for what to do and we care about everyone and everything our organization is connected to. Heart-centered is a way of being where we lead from our hearts and nurture a deep and sustaining connection with our own feelings as well as others’ feelings. 

Maintaining awareness of our heart-center is a daily practice. Cultivating heart-centeredness is a skill that is strengthened in the most challenging of times. The ability to hold our own self or another in unconditional love without any judgment, even when we are angry or hurt, is a powerful act of heart-centeredness. It is through these more challenging times that we cultivate the strength, resilience, and ability to come from a deeper place in our heart. 

We Love Our Clients

We strive to channel unconditional love in every action we do with our clients and each other. We support our clients in growing and learning in ways that serve their whole being, nurturing their greatest potential. Whatever goal they may want to achieve, whatever issue that may be showing up in their life, we seek the best way to act as a bridge so their communications and interactions in the world can be best understood. Our shared goal is that there is an improvement in their quality of life, and things that may have seemed impossible before are developing into new possibilities and outcomes.

A story that comes to mind involves one of our team members named Brian and a client. The client’s hope is to live in a sustainable community one day. His goal had always seemed to be too far out of reach, however Brian helped him remain open to future possibilities that went outside the limits society, family, and other workers had previously placed on him. Brian devoted himself to supporting this client in feeling more empowered to continue working toward creating and living the lifestyle he had always wanted. We support our clients and each other by encouraging the belief that there are more roads than roadblocks.

We Value Self-Care

Self-care is central in our work culture. Our work is in service to our clients and families, and when self-care is our highest value we are able to give and receive from a full heart. It’s only through putting on our own oxygen masks first that we can help others. This is the wisdom we learn when we fly on a commercial airline, and it also holds true for work, parenting, and everything we do in life. The conditioned work culture can oftentimes push people to work past their limits resulting in sickness and burnout. At Bridging Worlds we encourage the use of a skill set that includes responsible time management, getting things done, and self-care all in balance with one another. We call this heart-centered prioritization. We all deserve to feel like our needs are being met, and that we are living a life that brings us the most joy. We practice this as a team and influence our clients and families to do the same. 

One of the elements that makes Bridging Worlds unique is that we provide a special benefit in support of self-care. We offer a self-care reimbursement once a month to help revitalize and bring balance into each of our employees’ lives. Our company is fueled by the service of our staff. The more we remember to take care of our own self, the more love and energy we have to share with others. It’s like the old saying goes: we must fill our own cup before we can share our abundance with those whom we serve.

We Value Empathy

Every time we communicate, we strive to use empathy to understand each other. It’s simply a way of taking in information with feeling. When we feel for someone and attempt to understand them or the situation they are in from their perspective, we are profoundly loving and accepting in our communication. This empathic work culture makes us extremely unique. It’s our goal to make empathy as common as breathing. It’s our heartbeat and the star at the center of our whole system.

Empathy is the answer to many of the problems we experience in our world today. If we all practiced a little more empathy with those who have opposing opinions or differences in lifestyle, the more understanding we would have for each other. This would help to restore the balance needed in our communities and connections. 

We Are Uniquely Authentic

We don’t hide from who we are. We embrace all that we feel and bring loving acceptance into both the good times and the tough times. We hold nothing back from life. Our interview process is based on radical authenticity, and we vet potential new team members by being uniquely honest and real. This authenticity, empathy, and connection is the fusion needed for creating a world that works for everyone. We are co-creating this world together, and by applying these practices we are able to honor sovereignty and unity in service to the greatest good for all involved.

There’s a sacred way we co-create harmony all together. We have our differences in opinions and approaches to lifestyles, and yet we are still able to find a place where we connect on the existing commonalities we share. We take responsibility for our own self, and respect others taking responsibility for their part. We practice maintaining a balance by holding boundaries from our heart’s truth, and also remaining open to others and their truth. We then find the best solution to each problem that may arise.

We Treasure All Our Relations

We value Mother Earth and keeping our waters pure, and we carry this awareness in all that we do within our company events, client sessions, and meetings. The connection we strive to build includes and goes beyond human to human. We understand that we are co-creating and cohabitating with all life that is a part of our past, present, and future world.

Spending time in nature and learning from nature is a shared value within our company. We encourage each other, our clients, and families to take time connecting with nature and learning from its natural rhythms and patterns. This practice supports each of us to embrace our own individual contributions to humanity and to live to our greatest potential.

We Are Passionate with the Spirit of Play  

Our work culture is infused with the spirit of play. If you watch a child, you’ll notice the way they engage with everything through play. When we connect with our sense of play, everything in life flows well. We are more able to approach life from a learner’s perspective, and remove obstacles focused on doing things the “right” way. In doing so, we find ourselves surprised by the new heights we are able to reach. 

We Work for the Good of All 

“One for all and all for one” is a guiding motto we appreciate. We prefer to say it in the order Shakespeare originally crafted it with the one for all first. When each person works for the good of all, then, in turn, the whole group looks out for the good of each and every individual. This is the recipe to true community and love in humanity that we’ve learned from our ancient ancestors. 

When we all align in the unity of wanting to provide heart-centered services to clients and families, we feel the higher purpose of why we are all working together. We remember that we are in service to something that is greater than ourselves, that can have a positive effect on our own life, and all lives of those around us. It is looking out for the greatest good for all involved. There is a lovely quote by the philosopher Osho that captures the essence of this quite beautifully, “It is like a flower, whose wholeness is even more beautiful than the sum of its parts, at the same time enhancing the beauty of each individual petal.”

We are forging a world that works for everyone, one client at a time, one family at a time, one conversation at a time. It is through the healing power of the heart that we restore this balance and justice in our communities and nurture profound connections.

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