Beyond the Blindness of the Ego: Seeing into the Heart of Truth

We live in a world where so many people put their egos in front of truth. I estimate that up to 90-95% of the people on this planet are infected with some form of this inability to perceive beyond their egos. Author Paul Levy called this condition “malignant egophrenia” in his book Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil. It’s like a disease of the soul where the ego has taken us over. In many ways, we could say we are all sick with this. It was full blown in all the genocidal maniacs  like Christopher Columbus, Cortez, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Talaat Pasha, and others who have existed on this planet. It’s so pervasive that this disease is what is literally killing off our species. 

Musician Paul Simon said, “The man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.” If only it were just men who had this problem. Unfortunately, this is equally true of all people – women, non-binary, and gender fluid people – basically everyone. This is a tragic state of affairs. An unbiased mind takes in all information conceivable and continues to expose its own biases, so it can perceive more clearly. An open heart considers all perspectives and discerns for the truth without any bias. When we place the ego in service at the temple of sacred truth and bow down to the truth, we make it possible to really behold the truth beyond just confirming what we want to see all around us.

Self-Absorption: The Root of All Evil

It seems pretty clear to me that the self-absorption coming from ego blindness is the root of all evil. If you look at evil as a simple state of imbalance where the light is unable to shine through, just like a dirty window blocks the light, this is how evil takes root in the human heart and soul. We become self absorbed when we fail to see beyond the limits of our petty little ego. This self-absorption is rooted in some unconscious fear that cuts us off from a more expansive perspective. 

The Light of the Heart and the Spirit

When we clean the window, the light naturally shines through. When the heart and soul open, the light of the spirit can shine through and evil has no resting place anymore. It melts away like fog before a strongly shining sun. The heart light of love has the power to dispel any darkness, clear out any illusions, and open any hearts.

The Heart of Truth

The heart of truth is pure like the untouched freshly fallen snows of the great north. The heart of truth lights our way. It illuminates our nights and guides our day. The heart of truth shows the way through the blindness of the ego. When we come to rest at the end of this life, we will dwell more firmly in the heart of truth. Remain faithful to the heart; it is the true way. May the heart of truth guide you back where you belong like a homing beacon. May this heart of truth eternally light your way.

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