Books by Adam


by Adam Bulbulia

Authenticity is the Heart of the Heart. Being authentic puts us squarely in relationship with our heart. All we need to do to find our heart when we’ve lost touch is to simply say, “I’m out of touch with my heart or I feel lost.” In the act of being authentic, we find our heart again. If what you seek is heart-centered living, then simply be yourself in everything you do, say, and think.   

I call authenticity a power because one person simply being authentic will change the world and all of human creation. Being authentic is such a radical act of freedom that its ripple effects are felt throughout every interaction. The revolution in the human heart starts with authenticity and it starts inside of you, right now. Being authentic is just like entering a state of body awareness, which a great athlete or dancer can achieve when the right action flows effortlessly from being. Commit to the truth of your being and be at ease. When we come from truth there’s no effort needed. There’s no need to try to make ourselves different. We can be as we are and everything unfolds from this place. Be true to yourself always.

Authenticity is staying connected to the truth in your being as it is unfolding in the moment. When we are true to ourselves, all of life opens for us. How do we know when we’re true to ourselves and when we are not? We can spot inauthenticity in the following ways. Inauthenticity feels stressed, closed, forced, and contrived – spurring us to create a false identity. When we let ourselves be as we are, today, without trying to rush ahead or be more mature than we are, only then can we find true authenticity.


by Adam Bulbulia

It takes a village to raise a child as the old African saying goes. When we talk about parenting, many people might think the children are the center. When your entire focus and attention goes to the children, it breeds insecurity, self-absorption and perpetuates self-sacrifice in parenting. Most problems in children originate in the parents. Children act out their parents’ issues in funny and not-so-funny ways that the parents don’t always understand.  

While this book is for parents of all children, there’s so much that you feel when you discover your child is autistic or developmentally disabled. It’s important to remember that autism and developmental disabilities are not wrong, they are simply different. In a sense everyone is different, and everyone has a unique destiny. When parents discover their children may not be able to have full independent lives, this can be a crushing blow to them. We compare our children against what is “normal” and they don’t measure up. Autism is different from neurotypical, it is not better or worse. Coming into acceptance of your child as they are, is essential. Feel everything you feel around this and embrace all the feelings. It’s not wrong to have whatever response you have to discovering this difference. Find the gifts in their differences, don’t just look at the challenges. 

As it turns out, in good parenting we need to parent ourself first! Only then can we unconditionally love our children, be truly accepting, be honest, stay connected, have fun, be creative, and give our children boundaries they can thrive and grow within. The journey of parenting can be such a beautiful and rewarding process. Many people feel it is one of the very best elements of their life to raise children. The amount of love and connection that can come with a loving family is a miracle as great as any other miracle imaginable.

Unconditional Eternal Love

by Adam Bulbulia

In order to have true unconditional love, we must learn to love our partners, parents, family, friends, neighbors, work colleagues, enemies or adversaries, and all our relations. In this book I pay particular attention to romantic relationships as I feel this relationship is core to what can make unconditional love prosper in our world in general. When we love the ones we are closest to, unconditionally, then we will have a world that is truly heart-centered and loving. This love must go way beyond romance and permeate every relationship if we are to truly love each other enough to create a revolution in the heart that opens humanity to its true purpose.

True love is forever. When we love all beings with our heart at the center, our love is immortal. It can never die. Our body will pass on, our soul and spirit will go where they go after life, but our love is eternal. When we keep an open heart this eternal love never wavers. How we feel about the person and what is going on in the moment can waver. But love is just the basic fact.

Like the first book, Unconditional Eternal Love is also organized into a series of 42 principles along with experiential practices. These practices are short and easy little games we play with ourselves to better embody unconditional love. They are what make this guide practical. It is through active practice in your life of experiencing unconditional love that we are able to spread love to all the ones we’re with, and beyond.

Nurture Being

by Adam Bulbulia

We are human beings. It’s right there in our name what we are. Beings! And yet who truly understands the nature of being? When we nurture being we become a living embodiment of the feminine principles of life nurturing the whole of our existence. And our existence is sustained by the great forces of the feminine. This book is meant to be a model for how to come into a deeper relationship with your being through the kind act of nurturing being. The more you nurture being, the more deeply connected you are to your being in every sacred moment of life.

Nurturing being is born out of the art of being. This is an art of allowing. It is unfolding your leadership by letting the potential inside of you emerge. This potential comes forth naturally when we allow ourselves to be ourselves. We do not try with our thinking capacities to make ourselves different from how we naturally are. Instead, we let ourselves be. When we nurture being we become role models to others around us by the simple act of being ourselves. When we are simply being, we are leaders. Being is the most profound act we can ever embody. It is not what we say that matters here; it’s who we are.

This first book from Adam Bulbulia contains a selection of 42 short exercises that support anyone improving their experience and sense of being. Each exercise helps develop different aspect of our experience of Simple, Natural being, from how being is Allowing, Listening, Feeling, Open Mindedness, Gratitude, and having Courage, to how being can Unfold with the Seasons, embraces the Unknown, and we can know our Wholeness. Nurture Being helps us discover a more worldly sense of being that does not need to Compete, seek Perfection, Approval, Power Over, or hold onto the Past and any Illusions.