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…you can only go as high as you aim.
This is the first revolution that happens inside the human heart of each individual who wants it to happen. This revolution happens by humans bringing the principles of living from their heart into every aspect of life. We are offering classes and videos to help anyone embody this revolution.
The empathy revolution is the twin of the heart-centered revolution. The empathy revolution is a revolution in human communication in which all interactions are permeated with empathy so even when we disagree with each other we can put ourselves in the shoes of the other. The intention for this revolution is that empathy will be as common as breathing in all human communications.
This revolution places elders at the center of society. Instead of seeing them as past their prime and of no utility, the elder revolution honors our elders and acknowledges that we are all going to be elders one day—if we should be so lucky. The Elder revolution cares profoundly for people with dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other age-related challenges.
In this revolution, the nuclear family will no longer be isolated, but fully supported by a tribe. We will usher a new kind of support to families all across the globe so they can have what they most need.
The Feminine revolution will honor the values of feeling and interconnectedness and place women at the center of our tribe. This revolution will help all people, no matter what gender, have truly equal rights.

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