Earth Magic: Practices to Reconnect Humanity to the Heart of Nature

Humanity is nearing a complete and utter crisis. The earth is the environment for human life in this universe at this time. If we don’t treat her with respect, we won’t have the ability to have human life on earth anymore. We are living in such a profoundly imbalanced state that we are threatening the very survival of our species and many others as well. 

There’s so much needed for our dear earth. There are many who will come together to help us tend to our water, air, and earth. Let’s bathe the earth in a profound love and care, which we feel for a lover. Let’s love this planet so passionately that we only want what is best for her.When you love someone, you don’t seek to harm them. Let’s join together and love the earth so deeply we create an environmental revolution the likes of which has never been seen before on earth. 

In this article we will explore four practices (two with the Sun and two with the Earth). These simple practices will help you open your heart to appreciate, experience, and fully live the life you’re given here on this earth. May these practices help connect you with the heart of nature and help you feel your rhythms with all of life.

The Sun

Let’s turn our attention to the most amazing and loving sun. In the old times, nearly every culture had a Sun God. It’s so obviously a benevolent force who serves humanity. The Sun is the source of most of the light and the heat on planet earth. The Sun is how we distinguish day and night, and how we track the passage of time. When we had only candle light, we used to live in rhythm with the Sun. Soon after the sun went down, we would fall asleep. In our modern indoor life, we have less connection with the sun. With electricity, we can have light in the house whenever we want it. We can stay up all night long. 

When we connect with the sun, we connect with a vital heavenly rhythm. When we don’t have enough sunlight, we can get seasonal affective disorder, or SIDs, and we do not have enough vitamin D. All plants grow towards the light. We too can harness the energy of the sun. You can use the sun as a source of energy, prayer, and inspiration. When we open our hearts to the Sun and feel our gratitude for the Sun, we open to the very source of life in the Solar System. The power to heal everything in our body lies in the light of the sun, the stars, and all the celestial bodies. 

Simple Sunrise Practice

Watch the sunrise regularly. Notice all the qualities of light. Before first light you can see the stars. At first light, when the sun’s rays are first dimly visible, and the night starts shifting into dawn,  many of the stars disappear and only the brightest stars remain. As sunrise approaches the colors on the horizon change to peach and orange. When the sun starts to peak above the horizon, there’s a magical feeling of a distinctive new day. When we truly open to the light of the sun, we open to the light of life.

  1. Pray with the new day. 
  2. Let the first rays of the new day Sun’s light shine on anything needing renewal. 
  3. Notice the light as it shines. 
  4. Notice the feeling when the light comes. 
  5. Pray for the Sun.
  6. Pray for all that you’re moved to pray for with the light of the new day.

These next two steps complete this practice – they take place at sunset.

  1. Watch the sunset. Notice your feelings as the sun goes down. Notice the light fade from sunset into dusk. Notice as the stars come out slightly before last light (when the last of the sun’s rays are visible in the sky).
  2. Watch how the stars shine after the last light. 

The light of the Sun and the stars are integral for the freedom of humanity. The Sun is universally uplifting. 

Make Love to the Sun Practice

  1. Go out into the Sun’s light, ideally at sunrise or sunset but anytime can work. 
  2. Open to the sunlight and let it into your body. Feel the Sun’s healing rays enter you. 
  3. Imagine you are feminine for a moment and the Sun’s rays are masculine. Open to the Sun as if it’s a lover.
  4. Let the sunlight fully penetrate you with his warm loving light. 
  5. Feel the merging of your inner light with the Sun’s outer rays coming inside you.
  6. Let the Sun wash away anything you are needing to release. Feel it enter into any place in your body, where  love has never touched. Feel it fill all the emptiness, warm all the coldness, and melt away any place resisting love.
  7. Feel this starlight of our wondrous Sun fill your heart and your whole body with all the energy you need to move through the day and live fully.
  8. Let your energy completely merge and mingle with the energy of the sun.
  9. It’s as if you’re being baptized by the sun, baptized by this great fire in the sky. When you are doing this effectively, you will feel a profound sense of connectedness with all that is. 
  10.  Carry this light of inspiration into your day and use it anyway you want in the service of love.

Note: This exercise can be completed in as little as 15-30 seconds. All you need is enough time to feel the energy and be present with it. You can repeat as often as feels right and do it for as long as feels right. If you are doing it with the stronger midday sun, be aware of how much sun is comfortable for you physically.

The Earth

The Earth is a beautiful planet. Of course I’m biased in that it’s my home and I haven’t been to any other planets in this lifetime. But I sense that even if I could visit thousands of planets, the earth would stand out as a rare treasure and gem. Earth is a beautiful and powerful source of songs and poetry in all the experiences that are possible here. Of all the possible planets in existence, this is the one that I choose to be with. In the spirit of that great song, “Love the One You’re With,”  let’s love the planet we’re with. 

The Earth is also an elemental force which balances things. Earth is the grounding or stability for which we live. When we are on solid ground, we are secure and rooted. Walking barefoot on the earth helps you to connect more deeply with it.

Walk Barefoot on the Earth Practice

  1. Feel the Earth beneath your feet.
  2. With each step, feel her.
  3. Notice the texture of the Earth on your bare feet.
  4. With each step, draw the Earth’s energy into your body.
  5. Know that each step is getting you closer and closer to fulfilling your destiny. 

Lie Down on the Earth Practice (Do this naked or clothed.)

  1. Lie down on the Earth.
  2. Let the Earth support you in all that you are dealing with.
  3. Feel the Earth like a lover holding your physical body.
  4. Let yourself feel the full support of the Earth around you, both physically and energetically. 
  5. Notice how good it feels to be supported by this wondrous planet. 
  6. Feel what you feel and ask the Earth for help. 
  7. Let your body reset with her energy. 
  8. Open to the energy you feel here.

Practice these practices as often as you want. There are many other practices you can do to reconnect with nature. 

Open your heart to the earth and all of nature with me. Let’s do everything we can for this beautiful planet before it’s too late for our species. May humanity always be in close connection with nature for as long as we exist! 

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