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Greed presently runs the world, holding vast power that is used to exploit humanity and the Earth.

Imagine a world that serves the values of altruism, philanthropy, and sustainability—as well as profitability.

Join the Revolution!

Be the one to change our world.

Are you:
  • Inspired to contribute your talents to improve the world?
  • A visionary with a passion project that needs guidance and funding?
  • A benefactor who wants to make a meaningful difference?

We’re like you:

You live by your values.

You’re brave enough to take a stand for what’s right.

You want compassion to eradicate cruelty.

You see the gap between the potential of humanity and where we are, and it hurts your heart. 

You have a passion to create change. You want empathy, caring and love to permeate the world.

So do we.


We created a revolutionary roadmap—embodied in the Heart Centered Core Principles—that provide an effective onramp for individuals, businesses, and organizations to learn and practice Heart-Centered Competencies.

HCR workshops, training, books, and consultative services can help you tangibly enable a sustainable revolution in personal and organizational communication, collaboration, innovation, and productivity.

We’ve already had success.