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Adam Bulbulia, founder and leader of Heart-Centered Revolutions® (HCR), is a board-certified behavioral analyst and empath with an uncanny ability to help others discover how to follow one’s heart.

He discovered his unique gifts could bridge the divide between his developmentally disabled clients, and the non-disability-friendly world they had to navigate. He started a company to serve them and their families, and Bridging Worlds Behavioral Services was born. The business became a success, generating millions of dollars in revenue.

Adam realized the very same process used with clients needed to be used with the business as a whole. The healing work of the heart that was at the center of client care moved to the center of the company culture.

Heart-Centered Revolutions (HCR) was founded to provide a template other businesses and individuals can follow to adopt the difference that a heart-centered business makes.

We work with leaders and organizations seeking resilient esprit de corp & an in-sync team culture

The Heart-Centered Operating System (HCOS) allows organizations to measurably benefit from essential new core competencies, beyond traditional EQ (emotional quotient). Is your enterprise performing at the top of its game in leadership, quality of culture, creative innovation, and robust collaboration? Are breakdowns quickly resolved? Develop HCOS capacities to help address any ‘disconnects.’ These alignment skills can be learned and sustained to deliver measurable impact in every quarter.