Heart Options Analyzer:
A Process for Heart-Centered Decision Making

Life is a series of decisions. Each day we wake up, and make choices, and live into  the consequences of these choices. The more intelligence and wisdom we have to bring to our decisions, the richer our life will be. That’s why making decisions with our heart is such a powerful practice to transform your life and get the most out of every experience. 

The Best Decisions Come From the Heart

The ability to make good decisions has everything to do with our heart. When our awareness is centered in our heart, this great discerning organ is here communicating with us about everything we feel about life. We are well informed and capable of making good, clear, and insightful decisions by taking the best information available to us in the moment. 

Our society conditions us into our minds. Oftentimes, we may find ourselves trapped in our heads with little ability to feel or know what our heart is telling us. To be open to our heart we must be available to and connected with our feelings. We must learn to trust the voice of intuition that lives deeply in our heart and soul. The intuition knows things our mind couldn’t possibly know. 

Thinking Opens Possibilities

The ability to vision and use thinking to open up possibilities is also really useful for sound decision making. The more possibilities you are able to feel into, vision, and consider before making a decision, the better informed your decision will be. When our mind (in service to the heart) generates multiple possibilities, we can feel into the best choices, given our specific set of circumstances. 

Heart Options Analyzer

The heart is a wise decider and very capable of sorting through a complex array of options to feel for the best possible decision to choose. In the Heart Options Analyzer, the mind and the heart work together, or more specifically,  the mind works in the service of the heart. 

  1. Imagine three to five options for what to do in a particular situation.
  2. List all the options. So you can remember them, either do this mentally or write them on a sheet of paper or on a device.
  3. Imagine making one possible decision and notice all the downstream consequences of choosing that option.  Feel into the decision and notice how it feels for you and all those whom the decision impacts. Take a minute or two in your imagination to play out all the possibilities. Notice how choosing this option feels.
  4. Repeat step three with each of the other options, doing this one at a time to thoroughly analyze each decision by feeling with your heart.
  5. After comparing all the options, especially tune in to two elements: 1) which one feels best for the whole field of those impacted? and 2) which option makes your heart sing?
  6. Choose the one that makes your heart sing and feels best to the whole field.

In decision making there’s always something that feels right in the moment. Follow this rightness. 

If none of the options feel good, you may not have generated the right option yet. You are probably inside of a wounded perspective. Tend to yourself first by offering loving acceptance to wherever you are. Open your heart back up and reevaluate the options from this newly tended place.

I’m curious what happens inside of you as you practice this more. Notice all the changes both great and small that happen as you center your awareness more deeply in the heart. You know you are centered in the heart because everything feels warmer and more connected. Life is meant to be lived in connection with the ones we love. Making decisions from the heart brings us closer to our life’s purpose of being who we are meant to be. It is my sincere hope that your heart plays more of a role in your life and that it may help guide and inform all of your decisions. 

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