We Empower the
Value Chain

Heart-Centered living Restores the Heart into Personal, Social, Business and Economic Systems

We work with people and organizations who need help bringing great visions into the world

Each person and organization we support benefits from developing heart-centered core competencies contained in the HCL CORE, which includes the Heart-Centered Operating System (HCOS™), workshops, trainings, books and support community. These resources instruct and enable a sustainable revolution in personal and organizational communication, collaboration, and productivity. The HCL CORE provides a grounded framework to illuminate and empower relationships, and to transform businesses and organizations to thrive and operate from a practical heart-centered orientation.

Empathy Ends Exploitation

‘Heart’ is used here in a special way.

A heart-centered outlook is different. How so? Consider:

Everyone does only work they love.
There is harmony and respect for everyone.
Empathy is a quality everyone comes to share and treasure.
Profit is earned without exploiting the earth or each other.
Human concerns takes priority over financial concerns.
Equality reigns—everyone is an equal peer.
Each person’s whole-person life is supported.
Productivity is unprecedented.
Everyone shares the same vision, same mission, and same values.
Life is supported at at all levels, honoring all our relations and traditions.
Conflict is welcomed as part of the growth process.
Clarity, honesty, and transparency pervade every aspect of our work.
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Engaging in Heart-Centered Living

How It Works

WE connect with AMAZING PEOPLE

We identify and invite people who have both vision and need—people who have created a way to bring something good into the world that can have real impact. People who share the values of HCL but need help to reach their goals.


We connect those people with other people, resources, and support systems that can help them to bring their vision into the world. In some instances we fund projects ourselves through our grant application program.


We then support all aspects of their leadership in their business or organization. We go far beyond just that, however, because we provide special training so the systems they create do not perpetuate the cycle of exploitation. Instead, a more loving culture of respect, empathy, diversity, stewardship, and mutual inspiration emerges.


As an individual, business or organization is beneficially transformed to operate heart-centered value chains, and be more productive, this inspires others to adopt the HCL practice and capabilities CORE.