Leadership at the Heart of All Business

When we place our heart at the center of all our endeavors, we naturally care about all our relations, humanity, and the earth. The Heart-Centered Operating System (HCOS) is one way to place the heart at the center of business. It is widely recognized that we all unite in the marketplace. When businesses are run by our heart, humanity stands a chance at surviving and thriving. HCOS is a “system” of doing business from the heart and working for love in all things. 

In HCOS (Heart-Centered Operating System) we understand the importance of leadership. Leadership is at the heart of business. Good leadership is at the center of all good business practices. Whoever leads the company is whom the company centers around. When the leader is well supported, grounded, and centered, the company thrives. When the leader is off balance, struggling, and stressed, the company will struggle. The leader sets the tone for the company. 

Lack of Support for the Leader

So many business owners receive little to no support. As business owners, we are alone in our company. There’s no one who can fully understand our predicament. All the problems ultimately get pinned on us. And, typically many workers ressent us simply because we own the business or are in charge. This happens even in the most benevolent businesses and it happens in spades in businesses that are fueled by a focus on profit above all else. 

How do we get around this problem? I advocate for two solutions. First, a business owner should build a network of peers who are also business owners in both related and unrelated fields. When we have friends who understand our circumstances and what we go through each day, we can share our problems and get support. Second, another great practice is to have a consultant or leadership coach who can help you focus on your own growth in the service of the business. This outside perspective can offer insight into your blind spots as a leader and help you identify opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Heart-Centered Consulting

Heart-Centered Consulting focuses on the leader. We empathize with and support leaders to empower them to make their vision a reality for the company. The growth of the leader is the single highest leverage activity possible to transform the company. The better the leader is able to stay centered, listen to feedback, create a collaborative culture in the leadership of the company, and resolve issues successfully, the more harmonious the whole company will be. 

Heart-Centered Consulting starts with the pain points of your business or personal life and helps you turn these pain points into evolutionary opportunities. 

A good leader focuses on what is best for the whole company. A good leader knows that money is the blood of the company and ensures that cash is flowing well. However, a great leader knows that the true value in a company lies in how well the company embodies its core values. When a company has clearly defined unique core values and embodies these values extremely well, the company will thrive. Good leaders know how to inspire their staff to embody the company’s core values. They know how to keep a team moving forward together, even during great adversity.

Working through problems in the business itself is also a core part of the Heart-Centered Operating System. We find where there are disconnects in the business and help strategize practical solutions to enhance morale, help the company and the team more fully embody their core values, and bring the field together into a  cohesive unit. We use the metaphor of a flock of birds flying together. In a flock of birds, there’s a sense of shared leadership and the flock can change direction and adjust immediately together, as needed.

A Thriving Business

Our goal is to see you thrive in your business as a leader at the helm of your company. As your leadership thrives, your business will naturally thrive. As your business thrives, you will grow into a leadership position in your field setting the gold standard for excellence in the area of expertise where your business excels. If you are a new business and haven’t received enough support to set up an efficient and effective shop, this can be an excellent opportunity. We also offer incredible support for experienced business owners who want to take their business to the next level.

Running a company is one of the hardest journeys of growth and evolution imaginable. You may encounter tremendous loyalty and love as well as immense betrayal. You may find skills and gifts you never knew you had. You will likely find weaknesses and issues that no other activity fully exposes. If you have taken on this tremendous challenge you are brave. We are here to provide the support you need to make your business as successful as possible. 

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