Living from the Heart

We all live from our heart. Biologically, we would not be alive without the heart’s beat. In an energetic sense, most of us live disconnected from our hearts and centered in our minds. The heart is the frequency of feeling and connection. When we are centered in our minds, we are cut off from our real feelings and in avoidance of who we really are and what life is about. 

Living from the heart means living in connection with our feelings as they change, rise, and fall in each moment. When you live from the heart, you are living with a sense of connection to the truth which lies in the center of your being. In essence, when you live from the heart you remain connected to your feelings in each moment. Our society lives predominantly from the mind. We are generally awake to the content of our thoughts while we are less aware of where our thoughts are coming from. A thinking-centered way of living is not conducive to connection. The brain enhances life and makes life worth living. We have the option to take all of the rich input we have from our minds, and integrate it with the wisdom of our hearts. This is what I mean when I say living from the heart. Living from the heart includes the profound importance of thinking while honoring the centrality of feeling. 

I’ve discovered a way of being and living that is extremely connected and organic. It helps with everything we do while living our lives, including parenting and working with others. It is equally valuable in romance and in friendship, at work and at play. It’s the way our ancestors lived when they were more connected with the natural rhythms of life. I believe it’s the way human beings are naturally wired to live. Connection and communication are the fundamental relationship skills that underlie everything else in life. When we live from our heart, we live in connection with ourselves, each other, and the earth. This connectedness is sorely needed in our times. There are simple practical ways to get more in touch with your heart.

Here are the three essential skills to live from your heart:

  1. Feel! When you open to the feelings that you feel in your body, you naturally become more connected with and centered in your heart. Feeling is not emotion. Feeling, as I define it, is an experience of the sensations you are experiencing right now. We primarily think about what we feel and are often disconnected from our actual feelings.
  1. Use empathy! When we use empathy as a way to connect with others and understand them, our life becomes naturally heart-centered. Empathy means feeling the other. It takes putting yourself in the shoes of the other to understand their perspective. 
  1. Love! The heart is the center of love. Many of the great poets and artists know this connection between the heart and love. We express our love from our heart and we call the loss of love heart-break. We say I love you with all my heart because we know the centrality of the heart in love. 

We are offering a six week course in living from the heart for anyone who wants to take this all deeper into their lives and help others as well. The heart is the organ of service. When we live in our hearts, we are in passionate service to all our relations. The heart wants what is best for everyone. Let’s collaborate to make this all work better for everyone we come in contact with.  

Living from the heart is the first necessary step to making a world that truly works for everyone. Come join me in this adventure of life centered in the heart.

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The best way to join this revolution, though, is to practice opening your heart with empathy and truly coming from unconditional love for yourself and everyone around you. For more on how to bring heart-centered principles into your everyday life, we have a collection of books to help guide you. You can also continue your exploration of heart-centered principles by reading the articles on our blog. We offer business consulting and personal and parenting coaching, as well as workshops and courses

If these words and ideas truly resonate with you and make your heart and soul sing, visit us online and join the revolution!

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