Love Embraces Experience

Experience is exquisite. It’s what life is made up of, our experiences. We have available to us a smorgasbord of experience, much like sitting down to eat at a table with all the food you could ever possibly want. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect way to open to the fullness of life than through experience. 

I’ve always loved experience. What’s there not to love about it? Our birth is an experience, growing up in a family is an experience, coming into adulthood is another set of experiences. Reading this article right now for you is an experience, just as writing it for me is/was. We could argue that everything that happens in life is an experience. If it wasn’t an experience, how would we know it? 

I played a lot of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) as a teenager. In D&D the way your character advances in the game is through gaining experience points. When you get enough experience points, you move to a new level and have greater abilities. I didn’t realize until much later how much D&D was modeling life itself. Now, it’s clear to me that the more experience we have, the more abilities and capacities we possess.

After all, our experience is all that we have. The only way you know anything is through experience. Our thoughts, feelings, actions, and everything that happens comes to us through our experience. When we honor and treasure the fundamental nature of experience, only then can we truly be free. This may be obvious to you, but in a society which has lost touch with experience this truth has been obscured. 

Science of Experience

I’ve always been a scientist. Not in the traditional sense of the word though. I did not study science formally or do a lot of laboratory experiments. However, I conducted experiments within my life. I measured my experience against others’ experience. I gathered data on social interactions, feelings, and all kinds of subtle experiences. This is what brought me to the science of experience. 

The science of experience is the process of using our feelings, thoughts, and perceptions to gather data about the world around us. It is the science I believe we all are already engaged in. We just might not be aware of it. For example, what we feel when we are interacting with someone is simply a fact of our experience. We can closely observe these facts and they will tell us useful information about the other person, ourselves, and the dynamic between us.

Embrace All Feelings

It’s the so-called negative experiences that plague our lives and our world. The tragedy is that the experiences themselves aren’t bad, but our interpretations of them make them seem bad. As Hamlet says in Shakespeare’s popular play, “There’s nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” An experience in and of itself is not good or bad, but the way in which we think of it will make it feel good or bad. 

All so-called negative human feelings fall on a continuum somewhere between suicide and homicide. The full expression of a “negative” feeling that moves inwards is suicide, this includes despair, hopelessness, everything on the grief spectrum, and sometimes fear. The full expression of the “negative” feelings that move outward is murder, including anger, rage, and sometimes fear. Fear is versatile and can go in either direction. 

It’s only when these experiences are judged against that we are in danger of acting out murder or suicide. When they are accepted, there’s no risk of acting on them. When we embrace all so-called bad feelings, we can end cruelty on planet earth, because we have ended cruelty in ourselves. Once we have ended cruelty in ourselves, we will naturally create a world free of cruelty. 

Value the Feminine

Unfortunately, we live in a society that values the masculine and places very little  emphasis on the feminine. This makes our society more doing and results focused and less relationally focused. Connection with the heart is largely a feminine experience. The heart is the organ of connection and the feminine values connection more fully than the masculine. Experience rests in the heart, the master organ of all our lived experience. When we are in good connection with our heart, we are more aware of and connected with our experience and our whole existence. Connection, feeling, and nurturing is what everything rests on in the heart. And the heart is at the center of all our experience. 

When we value our experience over our thinking awareness alone, everything in our society will change from the foundation up. We will build a society that feels better to everyone. As we value human experience we naturally want to make a world that works for everyone. 

Here’s a quick and easy game you can play to open to your experience more fully:

Open to your Experience

  1. Notice what you’re experiencing right now.
  2. If you’re in your head thinking, come down into your body and feel.
  3. Right now you are having a completely novel experience of life that no one has ever had before. 
  4. Discern what is unique about this moment.
  5. It’s not ordinary. No moment ever is. This moment, right now, is a miracle. It is an opportunity for true awakening or to remain asleep.
  6. It’s an opportunity to open to everything you’ve ever longed for. Or, it’s an opportunity to live in fear and withdraw from life.
  7. Embrace this moment now.
  8. When you open to your experience, you open to all of life. Welcome the experience you’re having.

Opening to our experience is an easy and quick way to get more out of your life. The more fully we embrace our experience of life, the more meaningful, rich, and textured our life is. Living from your heart is a great way to open up to your experience. Love naturally places you firmly in your heart and then you are ideally suited to embrace your experience. Even difficult experiences are better when we are able to bring the healing balm of love to help soothe and comfort ourselves. May eternal love guide all your future experience.

This article is an excerpt from Unconditional Eternal Love: A Guide to Love Everyone. To order this book by Adam Bulbulia click here.

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