Our Missing Queen

Our society as a whole is so lost. We don’t remember how to serve our relations. Native Americans often start and end their prayers with, “All My Relations,” as an acknowledgement of the interconnectedness of the earth and all life. Many indigenous cultures of the world embodied this mutuality and care for the earth– our dear environment. This mutuality and nurturing function of our society has been driven out by the values of competition, survival of the fittest, and ego enhancement we see rampant in our economy and our world. The nurturing feminine is rarely seen in our modern culture. 

Sometimes, in families, there’s an excellent mother (or father) who embodies the feminine essence truly. Sometimes there’s a great leader who emerges and actually serves the will of the people. However, this is all too rare. Instead, we have lots of princesses vying for power with their egos. Trump, Putin, and so many others are excellent exemplars of this princess or egotistical energy. This shows up with those who are lost in ego in a myriad ways: needing to be right, proving their points, accumulating things, fortune, and fame. All at what cost? Our world is overrun by petty little egos who have forgotten how to nurture and serve all our relations. 

Mature Will

If petty egos are princesses, where is the true Queen essence? The Queen who serves all relations is the one true feminine essence. If all feeling and will comes from the feminine, it’s become apparent we have a shortage of mature will in our world. I’m drawing a distinction between the masculine force of thinking and spirit and the feminine force of feeling and will. We can all embody this feminine essence no matter what gender we identify as.  We need grown up, loving, feminine energy to truly lead this world out of darkness. Nurturing, empathy, and unconditional love are the ways of the mature feminine will. 

Princess Energy is Immature

The immature feminine essence, or princess energy, is present in the cosmetics industry, in Hollywood, and the whole movie industry. The whole idea of being a star, or being seen as attractive in the eyes of everyone else, is a desire which lives inside of our culture’s immature feminine essence. The mature feminine essence simply wants what’s best for all beings. When any of us come from our mature feminine essence, we honor our desires from our younger parts to be attractive and loved by everyone, but we are not enslaved by them.

The Lost Feminine

The patriarchy has infested every layer of our society, with mostly men in power and women and others largely excluded. We know this from the power structure of everything from business to the egotistical corruption in government. The feminine has been written out of many of the world’s major religions, as if God is simply the father. This is so demeaning to women and the feminine! The masculine principle serving itself without any regard for the feminine is toxic and doomed to die. The feminist movement has been largely coopted by the values of the masculine power-over model. When women try to take their power back from men and fight against the masculine, they play the same power game we are trying to get out of. 

So many women who consider themselves feminists have said to me, “You can’t be serving the feminine. You’re a man. I know the feminine better than you because I’m a woman.” This is simply sexism. Sexism, and its cousin prejudice, is the way of the patriarchy with power-over structures based on sex. The true feminine doesn’t judge anyone based on their gender or their sex. It’s true that I am in a male body and I present to the world as a cis-gendered male.  I’m still quite capable of serving the feminine in a very deep way given that I’ve devoted my life in service to feeling and will. 

We must rise up out of sexism and discrimination of all kinds to serve the true feminine. The true feminine nurtures and loves everyone. She does not play favorites or discriminate based on anything. She stays true to the feelings of the heart. 

Ego Vying for Power

Another way to look at this is through the lens of the ego’s self-importance and the being’s natural essence. The ego is vying for power with the being. The best way the ego can realize its potential is to surrender to the being. Surrender is the path which allows the ego to embrace and align with divine, feminine will. The loving masculine naturally serves the mature feminine will. We could equally say there’s a shortage of loving masculine energy in thinking and spirit, as well. 

Awareness is generally so judgmental and critical in our culture. So many people are lost judging themselves and each other. Loving awareness is a truly rare commodity in this world. Loving awareness allows whatever is noticed to simply be, without judging it as wrong for not being the way it is “supposed” to be.  The more grown up feminine energy and awareness we have, the more loving masculine energy will naturally rise to meet this. The more loving masculine energy we have, the more naturally the feminine will rise to meet that as well.  

Wise Up

We need to wise up and wake up to who we truly are. The Great UpWising is what Swami Beyondanonda (a cosmic comedic spiritual guru) calls it: conscious evolution as an alternative to mass extinction. Like Swami, I believe our potential is being pissed away in the wind. We must not crumple before the challenges of our times. It’s time for us to rise and take our true place at the throne of humanity. We are capable of being a crowning jewel to this creation, not a savage, child race who narcissistically destroys the other life on earth. Let’s rise up together, love each other, and join hand in hand to forge a human society that truly works for everyone. We then become the stewards to all life on this planet looking out for all our relations. This is true leadership. If we imagine ourselves to be the most evolved species on this planet, let’s act like it. Let’s be the most loving embodiment of humanity possible. 

Living from Being

Living from our being is living the truth from our heart. Living from our ego is living from our mind and our own self-importance. When we make the shift to living from our heart, everything we do serves our being, similar to the mature feminine serving all our relations. When our heart is at the center of everything we do, it becomes transformed into the lifeblood of what we are creating. Vibrant and alive it’s time for all beings cisgender, transgender, binary and non-binary to embody the mature feminine essence. It’s time to dedicate ourselves to the heart and to the “mother of all things,” as written by Chinese sage Lao Tzu. He says: “Use the light. Come home to your true nature. Don’t cause yourself injury: This is known as embodying truth.”


When we are heart-centered, we guarantee that we are living from being. Centering in our heart is the first revolution. We call this movement in humanity Heart-Centered Revolutions. By centering our awareness on our heart, we naturally center our awareness on what matters most in life. We naturally serve the feminine in everything that we do. It’s time to help the Queen take her rightful position as the ruler of our world. When all beings serve the feminine, then balance can be achieved. 

May all beings serve the loving feminine essence so that we may all be nurtured and held. When the ego surrenders, the magic of all of life unfolds before our very eyes. May we lay our egos’ agenda down in the service of all that we truly are so that love and peace can prevail on earth.

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