Living from the Heart Course and Class


A Transformative Course teaching the principles and practices of Heart-Centered ABA™, applied emotional intelligence, and therapeutic counseling. This course is the first in a series required prerequisite in the educational series to obtain counselor certification, but also provided to interested laypersons to be able to improve their empathic communication and listening skills.

Led by Adam Bulbulia, BCBA, is he founder of Heart-Centered Revolutions (a non-profit dedicated to making a world that works for everyone) and Bridging Worlds Behavioral Services, (a behavioral agency serving Autistic and Developmentally Disabled youth and adults).

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Living from the Heart is a way to center yourself and your life in unconditional love and empathy.

In this 6-week class series based on the principles and practice of Heart-Centered ABA™ where we’ll harness the intuitive wisdom of the heart to make decisions, explore dynamics, and evolve our self-awareness, understanding, and compassion. 

Adam is an experienced teacher and facilitator of heart-centered behavioral development work. He has a heart-centered approach that has been forged through the fires of deep adversity. Adam understands the depth of pain and works out of empathy and compassion for all suffering. He has been guiding people and professional practitioners in heart-centered work for over 20 years and loves teaching and learning. 

The Course Curriculum

Week 1: Conscious Relating with Self 

  • Introduction to the foundation of all authentic connection
  • Uncover a deeper layer of knowing yourself
  • Gain tools for self-regulation

Week 2: Relating With Others 

  • Practice shifting perspectives: from your own experience to someone else’s
  • How to notice when you’re judging another and shift into connection
  • Deepen your empathy practice

Week 3: Relating with Others: Further Applications 

  • Build tools to stay in connection no matter the situation
  • Learn to recognize codependency & change the dynamic
  • How to nurture another’s potential
  • Apply these tools to a focus in your life. For example: at work, with your clients, with your family, in your relationship, with yourself

Week 4: Relating with Self: A Deeper Dive

  • Debrief about how transforming connection with others affects your view of yourself
  • Practice regulating the subtle disconnects within yourself
  • View & appreciate your life as a whole

Week 5: Dealing with Difficult Feelings in Yourself and Others

  • New practices to come into acceptance even when you don’t understand or agree
  • Relate to people you don’t like by connecting to their humanity
  • Work with and embrace your existing conditioning and limiting patterns

Week 6: Tying it All Together

  • Come into natural acceptance of who you are and surface the unique gifts you have to offer
  • Balance complex relating with others by turning challenging situations and people into your teachers
  • Next steps to sustain your learning, takeaways & closing

This program includes:

  • Six Weekly Live Zoom Sessions for 90-minutes each
  • Two 60-minute Open Space / Q&A drop in sessions
  • Practice exercises to embody the work in between classes
  • A supportive and loving community to learn with
  • Recordings of all 6 Sessions + 2 Q&A for unlimited access and review
  • A copy of Nurture Being: Adam’s first book on Self-Care


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