Living From the Heart – Live 6 Week Course


Living from the Heart is a way to center yourself and your life in unconditional love and empathy. In this 6-week class series we’ll harness the intuitive wisdom of the heart to make decisions, explore dynamics, and evolve our self-awareness, understanding, and compassion.




The skeleton key to all of life’s problems is found in accepting what you feel.  When you let yourself feel what you feel, and add loving acceptance, the feelings become your guide to learning and evolving into who you are meant to be. By centering in your heart, you access the navigating feeling-compass for all of your decisions and actions. 

Welcome to Living from the Heart. I’m Adam Bulbulia, and I’ll accompany you on this journey.

Adam Bulbulia is an experienced teacher and facilitator of personal transformation work. He has a heart-centered approach that has been forged through the fires of deep adversity. He understands the depth of pain and works out of empathy and compassion for all suffering. He has been guiding people in heart-centered work for over 20 years and loves teaching and learning. 

How did this program come to be? 

This six week journey is a distillation of what I’ve found to be the essence of living in a way that is connected and heart-centered. I long to see all of us become the most outrageously loving versions of ourselves as a way to fulfill our potential. These heart-centered practices have and continue to help me recover from the deep traumas of narcissistic abuse, as well as the daily challenge of living a rich and full life. Please join me on this journey of exploration. 

It’s simple, natural, easy, and intuitive. The approach is what happens when there’s no conditioning preventing you from being yourself. It’s the most natural thing in the world. We simply have to unlearn the patterns that prevent us from being ourselves, which is  the hardest part.