Real Empathy With Another

Being able to bridge worlds rests in the ability to use empathy, a cornerstone skill in communication and connection. Empathy is the ability to understand another from feeling. 

My understandings of empathy are inspired by the autistic youth and adults I have worked with at Bridging Worlds Behavioral Services, home of one of the greatest companies in the world in terms of heart. Similar to Bridging Worlds, empathy is also at the very heart of Heart-Centered Revolutions (HCR). We believe empathy is a value which will transform our family, community, and our world! We at HCR owe our birth to Bridging Worlds and give thanks to you for creating a company based in empathy. Thank you for blessing us at HCR with the vision to prosper and support this revolution of the heart.

To read this article in its entirety, you will visit Bridging Worlds Behavioral Services, a sister organization to Heart-Centered Revolutions. Bridging Worlds provides behavioral services, which support the limitless potential of individuals with autism and developmental disabilities.

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