Revolutionizing Philanthropy

Many good revolutions start with a dream. The civil rights movement started before Martin Luther King, Jr., but he was a beacon of light and became the carrier of the dream behind the movement. The movement to end apartheid was held by the African National Cogress, but Nelson Mandela was the great spokesperson for this dream. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony were the leaders and carriers of the women’s suffrage movement, which ultimately earned women the right to vote. There have been so many great torch bearers and carriers of vision who have come before great change, and I know there are more still to come. I have a dream to change the economy of the world so we can all be free. I have chosen to carry this vision, and I hope I can provide a bright beacon for others to follow. Here’s my largest vision and dream in poetic oratory form for how life on earth can be changed:

A Dream of the Deep Heart for Humanity

I have a dream where limitless possibility reins supreme! I plant my faith in this possibility, it is my life’s purpose to open the doorway for this hope.

Imagine a world where we can all have what we want. This is my dream! 

…where rape, murder, and war are banished forever. This is my dream!

…where all separation caused by judgments and hatred is ended. This is my dream! 

…where every person and animal, plant, rock, and tree is treated with respect and dignity. This is my dream! 

…where racism, sexism, classism, and homophobia are completely eradicated. 

This is my dream.

In this dream, the free flow of emotions pulses life force through us and propels us into deeper and deeper levels of love and fulfillment.

In our dream, there is no more work – we can all play for a living. For in my dream, free will is what would guides us all. In every moment we would do whatever we really wanted to do. 

In this dream, we can all experience limitless love and joy. Evolution unfolds effortlessly in an environment of complete acceptance.

In this dream, which is our dream, you get to dream your dream and live it. For in our dream, we all accept and love ourselves fully all the way down to the very bottom of creation. 

In this dream, I can taste the complete wholeness of being. This dream forever changes the class system of the world and opens up possibilities for people no matter what they are born into. This dream opens a portal to new realms of being. In this dream, everything is possible.

Here in our dream your deepest desires, aches, and longings are birthing. Dripping with desire; wet with sex and love, you can have anything you want. For in this dream, you get to dream your own dream.

Our dream transforms human society as we know it. For this dream is not bound by the mind. This dream is an embodiment of the unlimited potential, knocking from the inside desperate to burst forth from you. In this moment, everything is possible. 

Would You Support a Daring New Dream?

Would you give to support a dream so profound and loving that it could change the face of human life on the earth? What if I told you it was possibly to change the whole corporate power structure and make companies run from unconditional love as the foundation? Would you give money to make this happen?

What if I told you that we could have families that work for everyone, when the parents embody empathy and unconditional love. Would you give money to make this happen?

A New Kind of Philanthropy

At Heart-Centered Revolutions, we are revolutionizing philanthropy to put it at the heart of society. We define philanthropy as a love for both human and nonhuman kind. We can’t love one without the other. Humankind rests on the support of the non-human beings including, the heavenly bodies, plants, and animals, the elements, as well as all the unseen forces that sustain all life. Because of this love, we can no longer turn away from suffering in humanity and beyond. We show our love through actions which support all life and non-life.

How does giving promote the good? Instead of governments trying to solve problems with misspent tax dollars, we will have caring human beings, who love the earth and all its inhabitants, using the power of their money and intentions to shape the world into a more loving place. This kind of giving to Heart-Centered Revolutions will pave the way for a new way of existence on earth. Through having a non-profit that is truly devoted to the welfare of everyone on the planet we will revolutionize philanthropy entirely.

We take responsibility for all the problems that exist on planet earth. It is our responsibility as heart-centered people to work for the good of all. This must become a grand partnership with everyone on this planet because we can only make this a world that truly works for everyone when everyone is working together for everyone else. Building this complex network of alliances that covers the whole globe will take a significant investment in time and resources. It must be done, and it must be done now! You are the key to making this all possible!

Dream with me and let’s make this dream a reality!

If these words and ideas resonate with you and make your heart sing, please consider a donation to Heart-Centered Revolutions as you plan out your year-end philanthropy. You can make a donation on our website or email Jayson at for more information.

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