Tribal Authenticity
at Soft Medicine

Authenticity is a natural state of being in which you are relaxed and at ease in simply being who you are. In Tribal Authenticity, we will explore the authenticity of being in a group together, and sharing our individual and collective wisdom. Our ancestors gathered around the fire to tell stories, sing songs, and share wisdom. We gather around the hearth of Soft Medicine Sanctuary to bring our hearts together in sacred community. 

During these gatherings, we invite each person to speak their authentic truth, whatever it may be. We invite you to share your current blocks and challenges while the circle bears witness. We will have the opportunity to support one another with our unique medicine and gifts in a safe and supportive container. 

See you there!

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A Word about Tribal: We use the word tribal to refer to a close and intimate group. Tribal refers to an interconnected way of living and being. We honor the ones who have always called this land home and continue to live here. We support the land back movement, and we also honor the indigenous roots of each and every one of us. Join us in experiencing an interconnected circle of truth telling and mutual support. Experience how witnessing and being witnessed all together can create profound healing and empowerment.