The Generous Rich

Have you heard about the Generous Rich? We all know about the selfish rich people who are ruling the economy. In a very real sense we live in a plutocracy where the rich rule. Cash and money are the kings driving our economy. The division between the rich and the poor has been widening over time. Today, the richest 1% own more than 99% of the wealth. This class divide creates an oppressive economic system where the rich stand on the backs of the poor. This system is inequitable, unsustainable, and morally corrupt. Even the richest and most powerful people who benefit the most cannot truly be okay with this system. I hope we will one day look back on these times economically the way we currently look back on slavery as an old barbaric practice we can’t fully understand. 

The Generous Rich Are Rising

So what are we going to do about this situation? First off, we have to realize that the rich are not all bad people. I ask again, have you heard of the Generous Rich? This is the name I have given to rich people who have a vision for how the world could be better for everyone. They are the ones who altruistically give money to help serve the poor and underprivileged. They’re out there, and I am sure you have heard stories of their generosity. Heart-Centered Revolutions exists to coalesce this group to forge a world that works for everyone right now. We believe generosity and altruism exists at the heart of each person. We simply seek to unlock this generosity to serve all of humanity. 

In the Words of MLK

My mother always told me that the reason Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated was because he turned his attention to the class divide after his success with the civil rights movement. She believed this was such a deep threat to the establishment and that they had him assassinated. I don’t know if this is true, but my mother’s theory certainly illustrates how deeply attached many rich people have become to their wealth and how scared they are that they might lose it. 

In the words of Dr. King: “{All Beings} are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be, and you can never be what you ought to be until I am what I ought to be… This is the interrelated structure of reality.” This is how it is for the rich and the poor. The divide between us is not a real divide in the heart and soul. There is certainly a colossal  divide in lifestyle. Yet, underneath all the surface differences between the rich and the poor, we are all connected. The Generous Rich feel this connection and our heart moves us to change things dramatically.

Heart-Centered Revolutions Goal

Heart-Centered Revolutions, Inc., is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to end the divisions from class and race, and so much more. We believe it is possible to forge a global human society that truly works for everyone. Our goal is to change the shape of the world economy to build a society that is truly altruistic. We simply cannot find peace as a human species while others are suffering. Therefore, humanity must end suffering stemming from inequity and division in the global economy to stand a chance at world peace. 

Uniting the Generous Rich

Our goal is to unite the generous hearted rich people of the world in an altruistic campaign that seeks to end poverty, inequity, and cruelty toward people, animals, and the planet itself. Ultimately, all people must be united to work for this common goal. Once we gain a critical mass of people who are embodying these values, it may be enough to tip the consciousness of humanity in favor of supporting life. The Generous Rich, those with true privilege in our society,  must lead this heart-centered revolution by giving some portion of their money in the service of the underprivileged and oppressed. 

How Do We Make This Happen?

Heart-Centered Revolutions  is revolutionizing philanthropy by dedicating ourselves to addressing all of the biggest problems in human society. We are creating a network of heart-centered individuals and businesses working for the good of all human beings. Our goal is to transition as much of the economy as possible to heart-centered businesses. We will encourage a culture of social generosity for all and make altruism “the in thing to do.”  The Generous Rich will empower the poor by funding subsidized education, microloans, and other support to launch businesses and assist those who are motivated to change their situation. Heart-Centered Revolutions will wisely and responsibly use the wealth we attract, from the Generous Rich and from more modest benefactors,  to fund high-leverage activities and transform the global economy. The Generous Rich will empower heart-centered living for all as we forge a world that works for everyone together. 

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