The Many Miracles of the Heart

Opening the heart is the doorway to the miraculous. Heart-Centered Revolutions’ purpose is to bring the miracles of the heart to each person — one conversation at a time, one heart at a time. When we feel into an experience fully and completely, it will shift in profound ways which we don’t always understand. Using our heart to completely enter any imbalance, we have the power for true medicine that can return balance to wherever is needed. The miraculous healing power of this heart energy will create a wave that sweeps across this whole globe. Riding on the wings of unconditional eternal love, all of our dreams are possible. Let’s drink from the grail cup and have our deepest pain and alienation healed as we feel unified in the heart of all of creation.

The Miracle of Feeling

The act of feeling is the miraculous element that makes us uniquely human. Feeling is something everyone thinks they do, but almost no one actually knows how to feel the way I define it. When I say “feel,” I mean to truly open your heart and have direct and profound experience of life coursing through your veins. When we, as humans, open our heart, we are capable of such things in this Universe that scarcely any others can do. The power of the heart has been sung about, and so many poems have been written about it. However, we are predominantly not yet able to tap into the heart’s true power and purpose. The heart is meant to love. When everything we feel is bathed in the waters of unconditional love in the moment, then our life becomes a living, moving miracle. Every moment is a new and profound creation which brings us more and more fulfillment and joy. And when sorrow comes, it helps us open our hearts even more.

The Miracle of Empathy

When we embrace the miraculous healing balm of empathy, only then shall love radiate out beyond anything we’ve ever seen. Empathy is a way of knowing another, or a sense organ of perceiving, through feeling. Empathy is so powerful it can replace most modes of therapy, when people learn to fully practice it. When empathy extends naturally from the human body as breathing does, only then shall true love prevail on earth. This empathy will remake the world in the image of love. We shall have the world of our dreams, as John Lennon sang about in his song, “Imagine.” 

The Miracle of Romantic Love

We can all have the love we’ve always longed for. We can have a romantic partnership which truly fulfills our deepest and wildest dreams. We are meant to have the fulfillment of every one of our heart’s true desires. We can only have everything we really want, once we believe it is possible. Not only believing it’s possible, but loving ourselves so completely the way we want to be loved by a romantic partner, makes it inevitable. When you pave the way with your own self-love, you set a force in motion in the universe that compels the universe to follow your lead. This miracle will give you all the experiences you need in romance. 

Sometimes we need to learn through pain. Open to the pain and heartbreak when it comes. Trust in your path and follow it wherever it takes you into deeper, wider, and higher levels of unconditional love.

Faith in Love

We all have our faith in fear, in some ways. We believe that life on earth has to be this way. We’ve resigned ourselves to accept the fucked up way life is – out of fear that it can’t be any different. Until we plant our full faith in love, we have elements of a nightmarish world of fear. When we plant our faith in love, we believe that anything is possible. We know that whatever we truly desire in our hearts is not only likely but inevitable. One day all our desires will be fulfilled, until the new ones come along. This is how love works. We get to keep unfolding ourselves in love. Love is what knits the universe together. The light of the stars is the love of all things. When we learn to embrace the Light into our heart and use the Light fully in our lives, only then will we have everything we desire. 

The miracles of the heart are available all around us every moment of life. Choose to center your awareness in your heart, live life from the fullness of your love, and we shall create a world that works for everyone. In the words of author Charles Dickens’s character Tiny Tim, “God bless us everyone.” What I mean here is the force of the Great Mother is always with us and we can together make a world that works for everyone.  

When we understand the miraculous nature of our being, we fulfill our true potential on earth. We are a miracle! The doorway to the divine is within us. When we live as if we’re ordinary, we piss away potential and throw away the miracle that we are. When we live as if we’re a miracle, the shining star that we are, our destiny unfolds in its true and full way. We must come together. We must come together for us to continue to exist as a species. Heart-Centered Revolutions is here to help humanity to claim its true essence and liberation to celebrate the beauty and wonder of the human being.

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