The Science of the Empathic Field

All my adult life I have been passionately seeking a union between the two worlds of the mind and of the heart. In practice I am a technologist, engineer, and scientist, along with being an ardent seeker of mystical, spiritual experience. As a wild craft techno-mystic, the one deep truth that continues to knit together all that I know of existence is one thing – the evolution of love. 

In my lifelong quest, the intimate interconnections between heart and mind continue to hold the most meaning for me. Along the many winding tracks and trails, I have been deeply touched by holistic minded and brilliant individuals, and had the uncommon fortune to personally know many of these brave pioneers. Let me take you on a journey through some of these adventures and encounters.

Truth is Interdisciplinary, maybe trans-discliplinary

A true science is interdisciplinary: it must knit together the very fabric of reality into a cohesive whole. Such integration can’t happen between different specializations without some degree of mutual understanding, appreciation, and respect. Empathy between experts is crucial if they actually seek collaboration. Exercising openness and empathy is the engine to build common ground and disarm the turf battle between the objective and subjective.

The science of empathy is an experiential wisdom that unifies the knowledge of the mind with the truth of the heart. The field of empathy has been studied widely, and contains substantial contributions from a wide range of disciplines, including the classical sciences and humanities.

Empathy shares experiences, needs, and desires to discover a shared frame of reference. This exercise creates a bridge of understanding between two or more individuals. Through an interplay of neuro-cognitive mirroring, we are able to perceive the emotion of others, resonate with them, and connect with them in a way that allows us to experience from their perspective. 

Empathy can allow us to appreciate how others feel, be more compassionate toward them, and distinguish between emotions that are ours from those of others. Emotional empathy is often difficult to achieve when two or more individuals have distinctly different life experiences and conditioning, be it racial, ethnic, religious, or physical cultural habits (Helen Reiss). Conscious and unconscious biases can be massive barriers to experiencing empathy. Not only is empathy difficult to practice due to cultural conditioning and disparate upbringings, but actually opposes standard professional models and training. Studies show how empathy declines during medical training as to-be doctors begin to depersonalize their patients as a means to defend themselves against emotional burnout. 

If we admit that empathy is a vital human capacity, we might be motivated to become an empathic based society at the large scale. Investing in practicing empathy can allow us to spontaneously and naturally experience compassion and caring for others in the world around us, deepen our sense of belonging, our bonds, and a felt experience of sustained connectedness. In doing so, we will quickly discover how imperative it is to learn empathy for ourselves if we are to stay emotionally balanced while having empathy for others. We might even begin to distinguish the two nicknaming empathy for ourselves “impathy” (Stefanie Neubrand).   

Living Within a Physical Empathic Universe

As we practice empathy, we will begin to experience something beyond our immediate senses and emotions. We experience the truth of the empathic field. 

The empathic field includes, and likely extends beyond, our parasympathetic vagus nerve system. Our bodies might be resonators and transceivers of the larger empathic field that exists between us all. To many in mainstream science, such experimental evidence is deemed impossible.

Gregory Bateson, an anthropologist, early cyberneticist, and one of my college advisors, touted “mind as nature” to study “the pattern that connects,” as he developed whole systems cybernetics. I believe this understanding is now evolving further as “heart as nature” and “the experiential connectome.”  

Many of these phenomena occur within the field medium of classical physics, including electromagnetism in water memory and sound (Masaru Emoto, Nobel Laureate Dr. Luc Montagnier). Dr. Emoto and others have repeatedly verified that emotion can be imprinted into pure water and it will affect both how the water crystallizes and how well it works in biological organisms.  

In one of my early tech ventures into creating music software, I collaborated with the enthusiastic Dr. Manfred Clynes. He had confirmed that different emotions can be encoded as subtle amplitude rhythms within music called Sentic cycles which he called Time-Forms. Listening to a piece of music from someone immersed in different emotions completely changed the experience of the music. The exact same Sentic waveform expressing love, or other specific emotions, for example, was found across all music performances.

Researchers have been surprised to discover that not only humans and animals can sense and react to different emotions, but even plants and cells can be affected by emotional expression (Cleve Backster, Christopher Bird). I have chatted with Christopher Bird, author of The Secret Life of Plants, regarding the incredible way plants not only register but immediately react to different human emotions. The wellbeing of the plants’ human guardians impacted their health whether or not the humans were present in the environment or remote. Could this phenomena point to a greater significance than some electromagnetic phenomena beyond our current level of understanding (Occam’s Razor)?  

Many of these researchers, inventors, and practitioners have repeatedly verified new phenomena which reinforce the idea there is a manifold of fields connecting us. Although many of these individuals were and are still labeled as purveyors of pseudoscience, the bottom line is something very remarkable is afoot. As Carl Sagan said, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” The evidence is still mounting! One day mainstream science will begin recognizing what was once ridiculed and dismissed.  

The Quantum Empathic Field

The development of quantum physics and quantum theory help explain the existence of the field and how it manifests in our world. It suggests that the unifying field may even be nonlocal and outside relativistic frames. There may well be latent quantum entanglement between everything that exists. 

Very odd experimental results in the 20th century have given way to many efforts to create quantum technology that defies classical physics’s explanation of general relativity. In the past 20 years, everything points to an interconnecting field that exists beyond the electromagnetic spectrum.

Some respected physicists are suggesting that time itself emerges as a side effect of quantum entanglement, and some experimental results support the idea. Quantum entanglement can be understood in light. Two distantly separated photons of light are linked or ‘entangled’ together as if one. A change in one is mirrored in the other, and occurs faster than the speed of light. Some call this field medium the “non-local field.”

The famous physicist David Bohm elucidated ideas about  how the non-locality of the field is simply a manifestation of the ultimate unity that underlies all of what we experience as separate physical things. Everything is connected, all points in space become equal to all other points in space, and it becomes meaningless to speak of anything as being separate from anything else. In this sense, deep connection may be more the rule than the exception, despite what our outer senses so often relay to us. 

Another esteemed physicist, Hugh Everett, in his PhD thesis, theorized all that exists is embraced within a singular all-encompassing wave function. John Archibald Wheeler, another famous physicist of the 20th century, suggested that, in an analogous manner, consciousness may play some role in bringing the universe into existence – that reality is created by observers in the universe. 

On deeper reflection, it seems as if the existence of a universal empathic field is something built into the quantum nature of the universe. In essence we are all latently connected to each other. We discover this connection can be evoked by awareness, where we can learn to intimately feel and sense it, and each other. 

This all begins to speak of the borderlands between the material and the immaterial, bridging the physical and spiritual domains into a deeply connected continuum. Even though we may be physically separated from one another, we share the same existence, and that existence is unified, unmediated, immediate, quantum entangled, and possibly we all exist together within a great singularity.

Many data points are emerging in science and technology which strongly suggest the existence of the empathic field as a fundamental characteristic of the universe itself. The science and art of empathy and compassion, non-dualistic awareness, transpersonal experience, near-death experience (NDE’s), remote viewing, the non-local field, quantum theory, consciousness, shamanic experience, and extrasensory perception (ESP), are all exploring the depths of what we call heart-centered experiential awareness. 

A Practical Art and Evolving Science of Empathic Unity

We are discovering we are not passive participants, but active contributors. We co-create the field, contribute to the field, live within the field, receive signals from the field, and are embraced by the field. It is, in a sense, our ever-present cosmic mother holding us within her embrace for all time.

What we call “heart-centered” may actually be a universal truth of physical and spiritual existence and evolution. Sustainability, resilience, personal growth, love, connectedness, and social well-being are our sources of happiness, healing, and prosperity in our lives. They are all supported, if not deeply enabled, by the existence of a universal empathic field. Science is now increasingly confirming this radical idea to be true.  

We haven’t yet discovered the equations and experiments which will prove it to be a fundamental force of nature, but we may. More likely, it is the quantum wave function field of latent connectedness that contains within itself all the expressible four fundamental forces our modern physics has discovered. Some influential physicists agree. 

Despite all our efforts to scientifically understand, map, and detail the nature of empathy, and related technical attributes and influence it appears to have, the deeper reality is only known and appreciated experientially. It is beyond the mind. This experience can easily defy description and analysis, and almost be ineffable yet felt. 

I am grateful and humbled by the fact that the nonverbal sensing, feeling, presence, energetics, connection, caring and love that empathy speaks to remains the true territory to discover. The idea of the “field” is a felt sense of inclusive awareness and connectedness between everything contained within it. Our natural growth and convergence toward love and embracing all that is in felt connection and oneness could be the singular truth of what empathic heart seeks to usher within ourselves, between us, and with the cosmos. 

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