The Superpower of Authenticity

Authenticity is a super power. I define authenticity as a state of being completely real with what one is experiencing in the moment, without any need to hide information or consciously filter or modify one’s natural state. This rare state of being is almost extinct on earth currently. We are tortured by a set of laws, rules, and conditioning that has us acting inauthentically in order to be “appropriate” in this world. Our true nature lives buried deep inside, often unwelcome and unable to come out. Inspired authenticity breathes life into existence. It helps us reveal what’s buried deep inside.

Authenticity can put an end to the needless cycles of stress and struggle which trap us all. When you achieve a level of mastery with authenticity, it unlocks an ease of being. You no longer have to overanalyze most of your actions to determine what is the best course. You can feel and let the actions channel from the core of your being. Authenticity can end paralysis by analysis.  Instead of focusing your energy on managing what you are going to say in your mind, the words flow out from your heart and soul. Authenticity breeds loving honesty. The words that your listeners need to hear flow through you. Authenticity leads you to the right place at the right time. Authenticity guides you to do the right thing and say the right words to truly impact the universe.

Authentic Superhero Story: 

Back in 1994, my high school hosted a speaker named Hector. Hector was a popular star athlete and good student who had a lot of success in college. He was also really good at partying. He had warning signs that he was partying too much, but he ignored them. One night he partied too hard and had a drunken fall from a window, which permanently paralyzed him. 

Obviously, this was a life-changing experience for Hector. He was on his way to becoming a professional athlete and suddenly his identity was stripped from him. At first he struggled with his situation, as most of us would. Eventually, through returning to his authentic self, Hector accepted his new situation. He made a career for himself as a motivational speaker and began sharing his story honestly and authentically without any filters. Hector chose to use his experience to help other young people avoid a similar (or worse) accident. His story stayed with me and helped me realize that I didn’t want to party through drinking in college. I wanted to have my fun in other ways. Hector was an authentic superhero. He overcame huge adversity and changed my life, as well as all the other lives he touched. Hector continues to inspire my life even now. 

Straight Words: Honesty is Precious

Honesty is so rare. Be authentic. Be true. Be heroic. Be your fucking self. No one else can do it for you. Only you can claim the throne of who you truly are. You become a light to all those around you when you exercise your power to speak the truth. You become a literal superhero of your world. Like Hector, when you are your authentic self you can change the world for yourself and others. It’s time for you to unlock your super power.

Unveil Your Superhero Nature Game

Try this game to help you unlock your super powers of authenticity.

  1. When you are wholly and authentically yourself, you will notice you have a superpower.
  2. If you were a superhero with your power what would it be? (My superpower is the power to feel everything inside of self and others.) 
  3. What does your superpower enable you to do? Just take a gift you already have and exaggerate it to epic proportions. (For example, I will lead the whole world in an empathy and love revolution.)
  4. Take your time and really feel it from your heart. What are you here to do? What do you do best?
  5. Enjoy your superpower. It may be dormant. If you notice it, let it shine with your loving attention. It will develop over time as you develop yourself. All superpowers do. 

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