The Truth About Emotional Regulation

None of us are regulated. We are predominantly in a heightened state of fear almost constantly that’s keeping us trapped in our minds and unable to tune into what is actually happening inside us. Emotional Regulation or Self-Regulation is a term used often in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and behavioral health. Emotional regulation is the capacity to regulate our level of arousal in relationship to the environment around us, especially in moments of stress. 

Often in this profession, we think we are regulated and helping others regulate. The human species is dysregulated. Only in moments of real peace and calm can we actually find the balance which we seek. For many of us, this only happens when we are out in nature or in a meditative state. Many more of us never find peace from the brain’s unrelenting attempt to cope with the stresses of living. Heart-Centered ABA works out of peace and balance at its core foundation. 

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