The Ultimate Self Care: Nurture Being

We are human beings. It’s right there in our name what we are. Beings! And yet, who truly understands the essence of being? When we nurture being, we become a living embodiment of the feminine principles of life nurturing the whole of our existence. We all come from the mother. Literally, we are born from our mother’s womb. Our existence is sustained by the great forces of the feminine. The kind act of nurturing being connects you with the very essence of life.

Self-care is essential to everything. Wherever we go in life, the self is the one constant. When we take care of our “self,” everything in our life flows better. The most profound act of self-care possible is to nurture being. When you nurture your being, all your actions come from a place of deeper connection and love. 

Being is Allowing

Allowing is the opposite of control. We allow outcomes to unfold, we don’t manipulate them. In fact, when we are truly practicing this, we don’t control what we say or do. We allow our actions and our words to flow through us from deep inside. The right action makes itself apparent through us when we surrender and let life flow like a river. It’s like being in the zone where the dance emerges effortlessly as we let go and allow.

Being is Listening

Being is listening. When we are being, we listen to the forces of nature. We listen to the wind as it rustles the leaves. We listen to the birds singing their sweet songs. We listen to all the other beings, we feel, and we open to what is. Listening brings us almost as close to our being’s core as feeling. When we listen, we open to the music of life all around us. Listening is sacred and sweet. We can hear the magic of the universe, when we listen. 

Being is Feeling

Being includes both feeling and thinking. The core of being is more directly experienced through feeling than through thinking. When we truly feel, we are opening to a new experience of what is occurring right now. Feeling is an act of sensing the unknown. Feelings are the raw sensations themselves. Emotions are known labels for sensations that we’ve worked out in our minds. When we feel, we step out into the dark and open to it. We welcome the newness of it. When we open to feelings, we open up to an ever deepening journey to the center of being. Feelings are facts of inner perception like what we see with our eyes. Feelings are what we feel with our heart and body. Feelings help us discover possibilities that we have yet to dream of. 

Being is Natural

Being is simply being true to our nature. There’s nothing you need to learn except to unlearn what is not in your nature. It’s like taking off your clothes to experience your essential naked nature. You were born naked. You were born being. It’s the most natural thing imaginable. Natural is simply doing what you feel moved to do, and not judging or filtering yourself in any way. Being natural is allowing what is inside your nature to come out without any conditions on it. Being is the most natural thing in the world.

Fear Blocks the Flow of Being

When we live from fear, we limit the potential for being. Fear tells us we’re wrong. Fear pulls us into the future with worry. When we embrace fear and respond authentically, it’s all okay. Fear is no obstacle for an open heart. Fear shows us our edge. Any time we move to our edge, we feel fear. Fear is not a problem; fear is a teacher. Acting unconsciously from fear is the root of all evil. Embracing fear allows you to dispel evil or unconsciousness anytime you want. 

Being is Courageous

It’s strange to say this, but being ourselves in this culture is an act of courage. Every animal and plant does this effortlessly and it’s no big deal for them. For a human being in these times, it takes profound courage to be ourselves. The path that is laid out for us is one that has us following the bad advice of others or the diseased dominant culture itself. The sickness of our culture will consume all life, if things don’t change. 

It is time we learn to go our own way in true collaboration with others. It’s time to go the way of the heart. Courage is the way of the heart. Courage comes from the French word “coeur,” which means heart. When we embrace courage, we speak the truth. It does not matter whether or not the truth is popular. We take a stand for what is right, good, and true and plant our flag here.

Unconditional Love Fosters Being

Unconditional love creates the environment, which fosters and nurtures being. We all thrive in an environment where we are loved, unconditionally, just as we are. When we surround ourselves with people who are supportive and loving, it is so much easier to realize our dreams and fulfill our potential, in contrast to when we’re with unsupportive or judgmental people. 

Being Unfolds with the Seasons

Everything in life has seasons, cycles, and patterns. When we understand the seasons, we can stay at the center of things, and not attempt to force anything. There’s a time for being alone, and time for being together. There’s a time for taking outward action, and a time for having inner reflection. There’s a time to create, a time to preserve, and a time to destroy. There’s a time to live fully, and a time to surrender to death. All things have their seasons. Allow your being to unfold with the seasons. 

The Being Doesn’t Chase Outcomes or Compete

Being is content with things as they are unfolding. It’s as okay with failure, as it is with success. Being understands that we learn more from our setbacks, and welcomes them with equanimity. It doesn’t rush or strive to get somewhere. It allows the unfolding to unfold. 

Being wants all beings at their best and does not compete. Being enjoys competition, as a child does, but has no investment in winning or any outcome of the game. Being loves the game itself. Enjoy all games and play, knowing as the being all you seek is to enjoy, evolve, love, and learn.

Being is Beyond the Stars and Immortal

The star is the best metaphor in physical reality for our being. It is light and radiant in every direction. When we find our true nature, we shine like a star beyond any notion of doubt, beyond any limitation.

In order to fully experience the vastness of our being, we must look up at the night sky and know that our being is all that and more. Our whole experience comes from this deeper source of being. It can be called God, the Tao, the Universe, or the Force. However, you know this source, it is beyond our manifested existence. We are limited in perception by our personal sense of self. It is only when we step back from this sense of self that we can truly embrace all that we are.

Our bodies will die as will our separate sense of self. Our Being is immortal. Our deepest being was never born, and thus, it can never die. Our deepest being exists outside of time. We fear death as an end. Yet, when we know where we came from, we know where we are returning. All life flows back to the source, just as all rivers flow toward the ocean. We are not bound by time. Time is bound up inside of our deepest being.

Love the Ego

The ego is not a problem, but a necessary aspect of life for human beings. The ego allows us to feel our sense of separateness. Without this sense of separateness, so much of the experience of life would be closed off to us. The ego is a psychological skin holding us together. The ego is not a mistake and there is nothing wrong with it. It is when we identify with only our ego that life becomes a problem or series of problems. Deep seated ego identity is the root of all imbalance in humanity. 

When we are suffering or struggling in life, typically it is because we are identifying with our ego. It is part of life to dance between our ego and our being. By simply loving the ego, you can get out of it at any time. When you love the ego, you cannot be the ego since you are the ego’s lover. Being is the ego’s lover. 

Let Go of Any Idea

All fixed ideas about anything limit life, including what I am saying right now. Anything we can say about life or think about life, places a limit on the unlimited potential that we can only point to or suggest with words. Words ,at their very best, are poetic pointers to the deeper truth. When you let it all go, only then can you embrace the fullness of your being. Let go of all conceptions of truth, life, God, and everything. Find what you feel and experience directly with your heart.

This kind act of nurturing your being is the ultimate self care! It gets you to live from the deepest place possible, and tend to your life from this tap root. The waters of your being run deep and wide. You are much vaster than you may have ever possibly imagined. This is just a small taste of a larger experience that you can have through reading the whole book, other articles, or doing individual and group work.

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