Three Steps to Address Any Damn Thing! (HCOS)

I love simplicity. There’s an elegance to it. When you can distill complex systems down to their very essence, it just feels good. Catching the inspiration for writing and putting pen to paper, or shall I say fingers to keyboard, can be as pleasurable as having good sex. I’m here to tell you that running a business with our Heart-Centered Operating System (HCOS) is better than sex!

In making this claim, I was inspired by movie reviews (an online movie and game rating site) which gave the “better than sex” rating to movies which really blew them away. I’m here to tell you that running a business with our Heart-Centered Operating System (HCOS) is better than sex! 

That’s a strong claim. How is this done, you ask? Let’s get down to the basics first. The HCOS is a revolutionary way to run your business from your heart. HCOS is specifically designed to restore connection to our individual heart and the heart of all of humanity. It came out of a radical, trial-by-fire discovery process in my work as a business owner over many years at the company I founded, Bridging Worlds Behavioral Services. To develop HCOS, I synthesized the teachings of those who inspire me with what I learned from building and running a business, teaching and learning from my autistic and developmentally disabled clients, and the inspiration I get from coaching neurotypical adults in deep emotional healing. When the company is running in harmony, like good sex, it just feels so fucking good. It makes you want to sing and dance.

Just as with having good sex, we naturally feel for what to do, trust ourself, and follow our desire. When you do this enough at your business, the connection and communion that is created in yourself and the group can be extremely pleasurable. These three steps are elegant and easy to use. Test my claim and try using this formula to address anything from business to money and from marriage to sex.  

The Three Steps to Address Any Damn Thing:

  1. Feel For It. Touch your heart and feel. You might actually put your hand to your chest to increase the connection with your heart. Ask yourself: 
    • What is your heart telling you about this new situation? 
    • What are the sensations you are feeling in your body around your experience? 
    • Consider what your mind is saying also, but always listen to your heart first.

For example, if you are contemplating hiring someone, how do you feel about this person who you are considering hiring? Are you inspired or drained by them?  What is your heart telling you? 

  1. Trust Yourself. Trust in yourself, trust in the process, trust your intuition, trust in the rightness of your unfolding. Wherever you are is the right place to be for right now. If you don’t understand something, get support. Asking for help, when you need it, is an important part of trusting yourself. “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom,” as famously said by philosopher Aristotle. This starts with knowing when you need assistance. Your intuition and instincts will guide you. Open your heart to whatever you feel, and trust your intuition.  
  2. Do What You Want. Do what is in your desire to do. Follow your will. You want to do whatever you feel serves the whole situation the best. There’s no right or wrong way to do anything. Just learn from whichever way you go. Do what you feel is best, or what you want, in any given situation. You are free. Exercise this freedom through your free choices. 

These three steps will help you choose the path, which feels most right and is most likely to get you where you want to be. It’s important to realize that you cannot exercise absolute control over your destination, only over the paths you take to get there.  Choosing the path is freedom. You may not always end up where you expect, but this is okay. Sometimes you end up someplace better than you could have imagined. Sometimes it all feels better than sex. Sometimes you end up being merged with the universe and dancing with the stars. 

Often, when we make a decision that leads us somewhere we weren’t trying to go, we feel guilty about “failing.” Guilt blocks freedom. To be truly free, you must let guilt be dispelled by the heartlight of your love, like fog evaporated before a strong sun. We are meant to live in love only. 

Stick to these three steps, embrace the journey, love every moment, even the moments which are hardest to appreciate. That is how you handle absolutely everything at all in running your business or in life. You can accomplish any damn thing you want by feeling for it, trusting yourself and then doing what you want.

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