Turn Poison into Love: Exposing the Secret Ways of Divisive Energy

As a species, connection is what feeds us all and is what we thrive on. Loving connection with each other is essential in everything we do and experience. Love is the answer to all the problems in humanity. Yet, how is it we’ve known this for ages, and we still remain unable to love each other enough to actually make this world work for everyone? 

The answer is divisive energy. Divisive energy is the great separator and it’s had more power over humanity on earth than unconditional love. Divisive energy is literally the energy that divides us. Divisive energy is born out of unconscious fear and it lacks empathy. When divisive energy is present, so too is judgment or condemnation. All of the ills in humanity are born out of this subtle energy, which can take hold of our minds and close off our hearts if we allow it. 

Ultimately, love overpowers all hatred, when we take the larger view of eternity. And even divisive energy has an important role to play in love’s evolution. Things are supposed to be as they are or in other words things can’t be as they aren’t. Since this is the world we live in it is prudent to accept the whole of reality just where it is. In the current state of the world, divisive energy rules. Even though love is more powerful than division, our current time has everything reversed. We see this represented symbolically with the Nazi swastika, which reversed the magical and ancient Hindu symbol of the great wheel of life, and created instead the insignia of a kind of malignant hatred the world had never fully known to that extent before. Yet, the hatred of Hitler goes way beyond Hitler and the swastika. 

From time immemorial, there’s been a war in the human soul over who will rule. Will the forces of light, love, truth, courage, integrity, and all things that nurture the heart hold sway? Or, is the Lord of ego, the devil, cruelty, Weticko, consuming selfishness, and greed the champion of our times? It’s up to you to decide! Your life will be ruled by one of these forces, as all lives are. And, remember, the ones who are ruled by evil mostly think they are doing good. How many have murdered and tortured in the name of God? Much of human history is a list of atrocities committed by people who believed they were serving good forces–the witch burnings, the genocide of the “pagans” most wars, and apartheid, for example.

Divisive energy, full of judgment and condemnation, is literally killing our world. We are attacking the earth with divisive energy and disconnected patterns of behavior that don’t respect life. We tolerate divisive energy in our politics when we even allow pro-life, anti-woman rhetoric to drive policy. We tolerate divisive energy in our religion when we let gay, transgender, and other gender queer peoples be banned from roles of leadership. We allow this energy to consume our science when we deny the existence of spiritual or energetic realities and believe everything is materialistic. This energy possesses our social interactions with family and friends, and most of all in our workplace when we let gossip, judgments and petty bickering drive away the heart in the connection. Divisive energy pervades all aspects of our life. 

COVID-19: A Current Example of Divisive Energy 

It’s now 2022. Currently, this is the time of the coronavirus disease, COVID-19, and a worldwide pandemic, which began in 2020. This pandemic will pass, as all pandemics do, but COVID-19 may be with us for a very long time. I believe it exists and people are dying from it, while some would deny this. I’m vaccinated, and some are not. I’m not afraid of COVID, and this varies for others. What scares me most about this pandemic, is not the disease or pandemic itself, but the effect of divisive energy that is riding on top and underneath the pandemic, further spreading divisive energy to the masses. As we turn to what has happened in our society, we have two classes of people: the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. With this “have” and “have not” class distinction, I all too easily see the Red Scare. I see concentration camps.  And, I see flashes of Orwellian 1984. 

There’s so much hatred being perpetuated on all sides of this issue. The sentiment many people express is, “Those who deny pandemic science, and put others at risk unnecessarily by choosing to not get vaccinated, deserve to die.” On the other side, we have those who believe the vaccination treatment is some insidious government ploy to attack, program, and kill off a large number of people. The extreme anti-vaxxers believe something like, “If you’re vaccinated, you’re a sheep that has been led to slaughter. Open your eyes and see the truth.” Each side speaks to a different perspective, with condemnation of the other. And, it’s an undeniable truth that the pharmaceutical industrial complex is corrupt, medicine is in the pocket of big pharma, most governments are in the pocket of corporations of all kinds, and almost none of them can be trusted to serve the best interests of the people. 

I do personally believe the science on this vaccination confirms that it can help us to reduce some of the risks associated with COVID. But, whatever my personal beliefs are, I don’t discriminate against people with other beliefs. If they chose not to get vaccinated, that is their choice. I treat everyone as a human being with a right to live how they see fit. However, when people engage in discrimination, they become enemies of life and being. For what is life but being ourselves as we were meant to be? When we stand in the way of authentic being, we commit a crime against all of humanity. When anyone discriminates or condemns another person, for any reason, they become enemies of love and truth. And, I take a stand for that person’s soul. I stand on the side of their love, not their false ego. Whenever they stop coming from this place of divisive energy, then they will realize they have nothing but love from me. And, I always love them, even when they come from divisive energy. 

This is just the current example of discrimination, which is happening in our world. Soon the focus of divisive energy will not center around COVID, and we will find another issue to show this divide, such as with the topic of abortion rights. This energy will continue to find ways to possess humanity. 

Transform Poison into Love

Whatever the issue, I refuse to stand by and let divisive energy take over our world. It’s time to stop this kind of energy being condoned as normal and acceptable. We cannot allow these demons of hatred to feed on the soul of humanity any more. It’s time for love to reign supreme on planet earth. We have to embody a kind of love that sweeps across this globe, which inspires empathy, understanding, compassion for all, and enables unbounded joy to be the way we all live, from here on out. Be courageous, be authentic, and be in your heart. From this place you can most effectively face all conflicts when they arise. 

Take heart dear reader! All this division is meant to birth profound love. The more cruelty you can feel, and open to with your loving heart, the deeper the awakening of love you are able to feel. Mother Teresa was asked, “What is suffering?” She replied something like, “It’s Christ kissing you.” I believe that the divine comes into our lives through suffering, to open us up more deeply. I do not use this to condone cruelty. Only that we must find a place in the heart of humanity from which to evolve cruelty. When we are able to take the poison of division and fully turn it into the medicine that can save humanity itself, we have real alchemy. Join me and take every act of cruelty that has been inflicted on you, and use it to open your loving heart to receive the world and all of humanity in your open arms.

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