Unconditional Eternal Love

Humanity has lost its heart and soul. Without the heart and soul, there is no love to support us. Without the power of love, we are on a course to the ruin of our species. While we blindly pursue this end, it appears we are attempting to obliterate as many species as we can. 

May we all unite and work together for the good of ourselves, each other, and all Beings. Unconditional love is the salvation meant to bring about a change in humanity, so vast and powerful that it can save us from the doom we are fast approaching. When we open our hearts to the unconditional and eternal love available to us in the universe, anything is possible. It is only through bringing this love into our daily lives that we stand a chance to meet the challenges of these dark times with climate change bearing down on us, as well as continued war, classism, racism, and all the cruelty that plagues humanity. Dear reader, may the heartlight of your love be a shining star which wards off the darkness and helps you unfold your vast potential.

True love is forever. When we love all beings with our heart at the center, our love is immortal. It can never die. Our body will pass on, our soul and spirit will go where they go after life, but our love is eternal. When we keep an open heart this eternal love never wavers. How we feel about the person, and what is going on in the moment, can waver. But love is just the basic fact. 

Self-Love Comes First

The core practice of loving yourself is what Whitney Houston sang about and what many of the sages of old taught. As Whitney sang, “Learning to love yourself is the greatest love.” We treat others how we treat ourselves. We cannot give others what we do not have. Jesus did not say love your neighbor over yourself. He said, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” In this way, you embody the right kind of self-centeredness. The way I like to say it is, “Love yourself first! And, love the ones you’re with just after that.” 

We are the center of our experience. It’s best when we tend to the center first, before we take care of the periphery. If you live as if someone else is the center of your life, it is a sad state of affairs. As a parent, your children are meant to orbit around you like planets around a sun. If you are married, your spouse is not your center. They are meant to be a twin star, and a center unto themselves. When we are not our own center, we are only half alive. Our life is meant for us to live as the center of our universe.

This self-centeredness should not be confused with selfishness, or self-absorption. In this healthy self-centeredness, we look out for all, while keeping ourselves at the center. Until we have some degree and measure of unconditional love for self, truly loving another is impossible. True self-love is universal. You’re tapping into the love of humanity through the central point of self. 

We fill our own well first, before taking care of our neighbor’s well. In an emergency, we put on our own oxygen mask before tending to the needs of our children or friends. Self-care is the essence for nurturing our whole being. Only out of this nurturance can we truly love. When we tend to our body with the water, food, rest, activity, and exercise that is right for us, we create the ideal circumstances for self-love. Be good to yourself, or to paraphrase Bill and Ted in the film, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, “Be excellent to yourself.” You get to be with you every moment. Each and every moment is a choice as to how good and loving, or how hateful, you want to be. When we choose self-love first, we choose the way of the heart, and we open to the light of the stars.

Love Comes from The Light of the Stars 

Star light is unconditional. The stars shine on us all. There’s no discrimination. They shine on us no matter who we are. If you’ve murdered, raped, tortured, or been cruel last night, the sun still shines on you today. In the night time, the stars still shine for you all the same. This is how love works. Love is unconditional. It doesn’t play favorites. Love welcomes saints and sinners alike. 

We get to choose who we spend our time with and who we take as lovers. This is where we choose freely according to our desires. When we let ourselves love, and bring love to everyone we come in contact with, we are evolving love for all of humanity. When we love the ones we’re with, then we become a true force for revolutionary change on this planet and beyond. This act creates a love revolution in which we are pouring our passionate and fiery hearts in the right direction. Universal love comes from the stars. When we channel this love to all our relations, we become like a sun warming the hearts of all we touch.

Love is Eternal

When we truly open our heart to another we never close it again, no matter what they do. When you commit to living life with an open heart, once you love someone — it is decided. As they say in Islam, “it is written.” It is written in the sense that fate or destiny has already been decided by Allah. In the skydiving metaphor, you’ve already jumped out of the plane. You can’t unjump or get back up to the plane that you just jumped from, without first taking the full descent down to earth. 

Once you’ve opened your heart to another, they are forever in your heart. This is just a basic fact. As Lady MacBeth said in Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, “What’s been done cannot be undone.” She was specifically talking about murder, but it is the same with love or any other action we take. Once we have done it, this action becomes a part of the very course of our life. We can compartmentalize and pretend to cut the other out, but really, deep down inside, the love still remains. No matter how much they hurt you, or how badly they treated you, don’t ever let hatred hold sway and try to cut others out of the heart. 

Cutting anyone out is literally cutting a part of your own heart out. Since we are all connected, we cannot cut ties with any connection, without cutting out a piece of our own heart. This current heartless way of canceling people breeds disconnection, isolation, and cruelty. Even if your lover cheats on you, betrays you, or turns out to be fake or untrue, when you love unconditionally you just keep on loving them. It doesn’t mean you have to continue to be with them. If someone betrays your trust and doesn’t open back up to the love or reciprocate your affection, it may be time to stop being lovers with them. It may be the end of the relationship in terms of the physical earthly plane. It’s just not the end of the love. 

You may not even be able to stay friends, but the love is eternal. If they return to the love between you, your heart will always open for them to be in your life in whatever way feels right to both of you. It’s an “open door policy” to allow others to come and go as they feel they need to, while I keep my heart open and love them no matter what happens.

Death has no sway over love. Even when we die, our love carries on in all those who we’ve touched. We carry this love into the life beyond this life. Our love is eternal.

Love Embraces All Feelings

Feeling is the language of the heart. Feeling (without an “s”) is the capacity to connect with the world around you through felt sensations. Feelings are the building blocks of the heart’s poetry. When we feel, and open to feeling, we have a tremendous key to the temple of unconditional love. Our feelings are the most direct and visceral way of relating to life. Thoughts are more indirect or mediated experiences. Feelings are direct experiences, which we experience through the body.

Feelings and emotions are different. Feelings are the sensations we have in our heart and body, without mental interpretation. They are inner sensory facts or data. Emotions are sensations that have been interpreted by our minds, and spun into stories that make a static mental map of how we are in our minds. We want to be discerning when it comes to emotions and not indulge every emotion. We want to feel our emotions and accept them. However, some of the stories embedded in these emotions may be misinterpretations of what actually happened. The feelings themselves cannot be misinterpretations, as they are raw experience itself.

Love embraces all emotions, as well as felt sensations. Anger, fear, grief, shame, and all emotions labeled as so-called negative, deserve to have the light of our love. When anger is loved, it becomes passion and gives us healthy boundaries. When fear is loved, it becomes excitement and gives us courage. When grief is loved, it becomes love and opens our heart to more compassion and feeling. When shame is loved, it becomes humility and opens up our ability to feel our humanity. 

When feelings are loved, we don’t act them out unconsciously. At first blush, you might think loving fear would lead to fear-based actions. However, it’s quite the opposite. When you love your fear you don’t act from it. You act from love.

The essence of Unconditional Eternal Love is loving your experience of yourself and all of life. When you become the lover of your experience, you become love. This love comes through you as the sunlight shines on you everyday. It’s from the stars and it’s a gift of God’s grace. May we all open to the real love that is here for us everyday in every possible way.

These are just a few of the central tenants to spread Unconditional Eternal Love all over the world. If you like what you’ve read here, please read my book Unconditional Eternal Love: A Guide to Love Everyone, which explores this topic more deeply. 

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