What the Heck is Heart-Centered Anyway?

As a child I cared deeply about other people. When people were bullied, it hurt my heart. When insects were needlessly killed, I cried out in pain and anger. When there was unnecessary disharmony in the family or school, my heart asked, “Why is it like this?” I was always a very heart-centered person. I just assumed everyone was. It wasn’t until I realized through trauma with people who had little to no connection with their heart, that I was different in any way.

We see the words “heart-centered” thrown around a lot in spiritual communities, but what does it actually mean? Our culture is brain centered. En masse, we live from the point of awareness in our head with little connection to the heart. Heart-centered awareness seeks to place the heart at the center of human endeavors, instead of the head. Heart-centered includes the brain, but with the heart at the center. 

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