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It all begins in the heart.

And with a story…

Adam Bulbulia, founder and leader of Heart-Centered Revolutions® (HCR), and Heart-Centered Living™ is a board-certified behavioral analyst and empath with an uncanny ability to help others discover how to follow one’s heart.

He discovered that his unique gifts were able to bridge the divide between his developmentally disabled clients, and the non-disability-friendly world they had to navigate. He started a company to serve them and their families, and Bridging Worlds Behavioral Services was born. The business became a success, generating millions of dollars in revenue.

However, over time, something went wrong. The company culture, based as it was on traditional business practices, soured. After five idyllic years, the cruelty of the world had found its way in.

Adam realized that the very same process used with clients needed to be used with the business as a whole. Led by Adam, the company went through its own revolution. The healing work of the heart that was at the center of client care moved to the center of the company culture.

Business + Loving Altruism
= A Better Way

The result was a complete transformation of every aspect of operations. With everyone living from their heart, profits continued to grow, but as a side effect of putting company values first. Bridging Worlds evolved into a place where everyone lives from the heart first and foremost. Every decision is guided by care for all.

Many employees now say that their work—and the work culture—at Bridging Worlds has made this their dream job in every way. Bridging Worlds is now an inclusive, unabashedly loving place, where everyone is respected, loved, and supported to be who they really are.

Instead of people serving the profits of the business, the business exists to serve every person it touches.

A Vision Is Born

This is not what normally happens in the business world. Realizing how special this was, and its potential to end exploitation in business everywhere, Adam founded Heart-Centered Revolutions (HCR), which has created a template other businesses can follow to experience the difference that a heart-centered business makes—in the lives of its employees, in those the business serves, and in the world as a whole.

This template is the Heart-Centered Living CORE, which delivers a revolution in organizational systems, taking every area of a company or organization — and adds the missing element of heart-centered practices. This is a well-structured, teachable system in which heart-centered key performance metrics are placed at the center of every personal, business and organizational process.

BE An Unstoppable Force For Good

Meet the Board

Along the way, Adam has been joined by others who have been inspired by his vision.
Each person is respected for who they are, and their unique gifts.

Jayson Daniels


Jayson Daniels is a seasoned C-Suite executive who has led fundraising and worked with major donors for non-profit 501 c(3) organizations. He has expertise in developing strategic operation plans, leadership and staff development, campaign planning, program management, and finance. He worked most recently as Chief Development Officer for Planned Parenthood of Northern, Central and Southwestern New Jersey, and as Director, Capital Campaign, for Englewood Health Foundation, Director of Development for Vision Loss Alliance of New Jersey, and Campaign Manager for Stevens Institute of Technology. He brings HCR strong competency in fundraising, strategy, and public outreach. He has a Bachelors of Science with Honors in Finance. Jayson is an avid student of martial arts, fitness, diet, and is a local community volunteer.

Headshot of Ann Marie smiling indoors with a green scarf

Ann Marie Foley


Ann Marie Foley is a life and leadership coach known for her heartfelt presence and empathy, as well as her curiosity and humor. Queen of follow-through, she created people-friendly systems in academic, non-profit, and corporate settings. She was also adjunct faculty in the leadership programs for B.A., M.A., and doctoral students at Saint Mary’s College. When she’s not helping people reach their goals, she can be found doing calligraphy, creating paper arts, or out camping, where she loves to sleep close to the earth. She believes change radiates outward when we live from the heart, one person at a time, evolving our relationships and communities.

Key Staff

In addition to Adam and Ann Marie as working team members, Adam is joined by Bill Moulton to help lead the realization of HCR’s ambitious vision.

Bill Moulton

Business Services Design, Development & Engineering

Bill Moulton is a visionary strategist, and inventor of technology and management solutions for industrial and consumer sectors. A designer and engineer, he led multidisciplinary teams to innovate solutions in AI, VR, 3D, social sentiment, search and data mining, learning management, collaboration, and sustainability. Clients include public and private enterprise and nonprofits. He leads HCR development of heart-centered technology and services. Bill is also a musician, artist, writer, and multimedia producer. 

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